Average height for 13-year old female

Really, what is the average height for 13-year old female?

You will get to find that out right here and learn more than an average of a 13-year old.

At age 13 many things are going through changes in the life of both male and female children.

It is most likely that they are in the middle of the changes psychologically and physically.

At this time, puberty is on course, therefore changes are going on in every aspect of their lives.

One of the obvious changes that occur around this time is the increase in height and it is most likely that it will still increase over time.

It is also possible that there may not be an appreciable increase in height going forward.

So, the question at hand is what the average height of a female looks like at age 13.

Let’s unravel this together.

The average height for a 13-year-old female is 1.57 meters.

While this may be the average height, it does not mean there are no people taller or shorter than 1.57 meters at the age of 13.

You are most likely to see one or two around whose height may fall below or higher than the average height.

If the height falls too far from 1.57 meters, it might signal a problem.

Please note that a little lower height than 1.57 meters may not be a problem.

1.57 meters is the same as 5.15 feet or 157 centimeters, just in case you want to measure it in other units.

Interestingly, height may be slightly different when we look at the gender of the same age.

Male seems to be a bit taller than their female counterpart when the same age is considered.

This does not mean males of the same age will always be taller than the females of the same age.

You may even find females of the same age taller than their counterpart male gender.

There are different reasons why the height may fall below or higher than the above stated average height for a 13-year-old female.

These may include nutrition, genetic makeup, medical conditions, etc.

Again, science has revealed that DNA has a higher determinant rate in respect of height.

DNA has up to 80% influencing capability aside from other factors.

If you are thinking of influencing your height to get shorter or taller, there are some things you can do to help you.

It is expected that you get like two to four inches of growth in height per year at this stage.

If you will get this, you may need to check your diet, exercise, medications (if any), sleep, etc.

These are things you have control over and you can influence to achieve the height of choice.

Take, for instance, nutrition, which means you feed well with a balanced diet all the time.

There are other things you don’t have control over and you may not be able to influence.

These may include your DNA, hormones, etc.

Although, these may be influenced by medications and supplements.

It is advisable to be extra careful if you must take medicines and supplements to influence your height.

Make sure you seek medical assistance from a professional before you embark on any medication.