Living in Stockholm — Here is what it feels like

If you are planning to move to Sweden, Stockholm precisely maybe for studies or for whatever reason, you might want to know what it feels like living in Stockholm.

Knowing what it is like to live in Stockholm will help you conclude your decision on whether or not to move to Stockholm.

So after reading through this post, you will know everything about living in Stockholm.

First of all, Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden.

Just so you know!

The answer provided in this article will be based on the perspective of an Indian or a non-European.

But in general, it will give a lot of insights about living in Stockholm.

So let’s get right in.

Living in Stockholm

City — Though I haven’t been to a lot of cities, Stockholm is indeed a beautiful city when compared to the cities I have been to (Delhi in India, Coimbatore in South India, and Heidelberg in Germany).

The archipelago and the suburbs are beautiful.

Lengthy stretches of quiet road are ideal for hitchhiking and long rides.

In Stockholm, there are a number of attractive locations from which to enjoy a picturesque perspective of the city.

The first thing that comes to mind is Sodermalm’s sunrise or sunset.

Transportation — I stayed on the outskirts of the city.

However, getting there was never an issue.

Every day, I had to ride the pendeltåg (commuter train), which was a great experience, however, it was inconvenient when the trains were canceled or rescheduled due to snow or cold.

Except during peak hours, they are never crowded (trust me, I know what a ‘crowd’ is after riding the Metro in Delhi and living in India.)

It was a pleasure to use SL.

People — Stockholm has an ideal population anyone would want to live in.

They would gladly assist you if you approached them.

They aren’t bothersome, on the other hand.

Except on Friday or Saturday nights, when there are a lot of drunk people everywhere, the trains and roads are usually quiet and serene with little disruption.

When dealing with the Stockholm people, I felt a sense of obligation.

I didn’t want to harm their emotions because they treated me well.

Crowds were one of the things I missed the most in Stockholm.

Despite my complaints about India’s crowdedness, I’ve always believed that the vibrancy of a place was related to its crowdedness.

Stockholmers are fairly calm, and because Sweden is underpopulated (in comparison to India), there isn’t much noise in the city.

Others may find this appealing, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get used to it in the long run.

Cost of living in Stockholm — To me, it is exorbitant.

As a student from India, I was used to a low-cost lifestyle.

In Stockholm, I have to pay almost 8 times (or more) what I normally pay in India.

There aren’t any exceptions. The lowest student lunch I could find on campus was 56 SEK (6.5 Euros), although I could have had a great meal in a decent Indian restaurant for around one-eighth the cost.

When I had to look over my expenses and check my account to make sure I wasn’t spending too much, this was a pain.

Weather — Snow is something I’ve been looking forward to my entire life.

While the Swedes were continually grumbling about it, I was glad to see the first snow of the season.

In the winter, it would be unbearable.

People who are used to tropical climates might struggle to survive a month of peak winters.

Summers are enjoyable.

Overall, the weather is not something about which one should grumble.

Now you know about the city of Stockholm, transport, people, cost of living and the climate of Stockholm.

When making your decision to live in Stockholm, this information should be helpful in making the decision.

In summary, there isn’t anything that bothers or irritates about Stockholm.

Stockholm is a beautiful city and I’m sure you will like it.

A lot of people I’ve also asked to share their experiences about Stockholm shared beautiful experiences.

I’m sure you’ve will not be exceptional!

Have you ever lived in Stockholm before?

Feel free to share your experiences while living in Stockholm.