Wonder woman vs Thor who would win a fight?

Wonder woman vs Thor

You are probably seeking to know who would win a fight between wonder woman vs thor.

This post seeks to share with you who would win a fight between wonder woman vs thor.

If it were up to me to decide then thor would win a fight between the two, have you seen how sexy thor is most especially with his Mjolnir.

That man is a huge hunk of a man.

Thor is the son of Odin, the god of thunder while wonder woman is the daughter of Zeus with Hippolyta.

In both the universe, they are both the most powerful characters respectively.

War of the Realm Story saw thor displaying some incredible power.

Thor is a god of thunder, he is an ancient Norse God, he has been a good teammate to the avengers and has been a hero.

Wonder woman on the other hand is a demigod and is one of the most influential female superheroes for a long time.

She gives us what it looks like for a god to be fighting alongside humans and how dominating they can be.

Thor belongs to the MCU while Wonder woman is in DCEU.

Similarities between wonder woman and thor

— They are both from different realms, thor is from a space planet called Asgard, and it is located billions of light-years away from earth.

Asgard is a mythical place and it is far more advanced than any place on earth.

Thor loved it on earth but he always managed to find his way home.

Diana on the other hand hails from Themyscira.

Themyscira is an island of Amazonian women, she was born there and raised there until she left to earth to help humans.

Both Diana and Thor left home to help humans back on earth.

— They were both raised by warriors and were taught to fight from an early age, they are both relentless and they never give up in battles unless they have won the battle.

— They both share the gift of manipulating lightning, they both have mighty weapons, for Thor, it is the Mjolnir and for Diana, it is the Godkiller.

Well enough of the similarities, we will now be looking at who will win between them in a fight.

Wonder woman vs thor

When it comes to who will win in a fight between wonder woman and Thor it is arguable, while some may say Wonder Woman others go for Thor, depending on the angle you are looking at it from, they both have different powers.

When it comes to who takes down more menacing enemies the honor belongs to Thor, while wonder woman has taken down powerful enemies like Cheetah, Hercules, Ares amongst others Thor has taken down the likes of Loki, Hela, Malekith, and others, Thors villains are always on a larger scale.

In terms of raw power, Thor has it.

Secondly, Thor has the main inherent power as a god due to his bloodline although most times he always has to be worthy, Thor is immortal making him difficult to defeat.

With his ability to wield lightning Thor’s powers cannot be argued with, although this doesn’t mean that Wonder Woman does not come close.

Third, without their weapons, I think they are evenly matched when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, so it’s a tie.

In conclusion, when it comes to who will win in a fight if it’s is based on strength alone then Thor has it.

But if you consider other things like personality, equipment, greatest feats then wonder woman.

If you have any contributions on who you feel should win, do let us know in the comment section.