5 LifeHacks for successful flirting on a dating site

Flirting is often defined as the flavor that spices up social encounters.

Flirting is an art, and like all arts, it requires constant practice to perfect.

More often than not, people marvel when they see a guy walk up to a pretty lady and almost instantly make her start to giggle and smile.

While doing this might seem overly difficult, especially if you are shy, anybody can do it.

Not all flirtation involves making such bold moves.

Subtle flirting works better more often than not, particularly on an interactive flirty dating site.

Regardless of your approach to flirt, the whole essence of this art is often to gauge the amount of social investment needed to elicit a romantic relationship.

It is worth noting that perfection doesn’t exist, and even the best seducers encounter challenges when flirting.

Despite these challenges, however, anyone can experience immense success with just a few hacks.

Flirting is an art that requires a delicate approach

Depending on where you get your research information, flirting has as many approaches as there are people.

Everyone uses a technique most suitable to them, yet all these techniques require constant sharpening through routine practice.

While there is no specific way of perfectly mastering this art, there are simple steps that yield amazing results in online dating.

What are they?

— Pick an Attractive Profile Photo

It goes without saying that the online dating sphere is quite competitive.

With thousands of suitors competing for one girl or guy, your profile pic has to stand out.

As more dating sites make their entry, most people tend to join these services but use the same profile picture on all the sites.

In the past, adorable dog pics, mirror selfies, and group photos from fun holiday destinations were enough to make your pic stand out, but not anymore.

With time, people have gotten used to such pics, and as a result, they have become an eyesore.

In online dating, where your competitor is only one swipe away, steer clear of such outdated techniques.

The key to making your photo stand out is to ensure it is of the highest quality.

A pic’s actual orientation and the crop can dictate success or failure.

Portrait and landscape pics often elicit more responses compared to close-up shots, which are typically controversial.

The First Impression Should Be Spectacular!

First impressions indeed do last.

On social platforms where one swipe can eliminate you from the infinitely extensive suitors list, your first impression must be awesome.

As far as first impressions go, a clear picture of yourself will do.

If the pic involves you participating in a sporting activity or well-groomed, you’re likely to elicit several responses.

Failing to upload a pic or uploading one of a pet or a cartoon character often doesn’t even get the foot in the door.

Attention spans are quite short online, and profiles that don’t stand out are often ignored.

Be Confident

Confidence in online dating is a key component for success.

The key to confidence is mental strength.

Even shy people can develop confidence in just a few steps.

The surefire way of projecting confidence is by staring directly into the camera when taking a pic when trying to set a new profile pic.

Such photos always elicit positive responses from both men and women.

— Photos Exchange

The beauty behind exchanging photos is that each photo elicits different reactions from different people.

So, while a single pic might get you a couple of responses, changing your display photo often increases the number of responses you get.

Exchanging photos is a great way to boost your dating success and should be done tactfully and at given intervals.

Remember that your pics are your selling point; they can often be great conversation starters.

Online daters can change their profile pics at ease and replace them with better ones to elicit more reactions.

— Ask More Questions to Know Them Better

It can’t be deemed successful if you don’t get feedback.

Asking questions not only helps you know the other person better but further helps you bond with them more deeply.

Flirting is meant to establish a romantic connection between you and your match, and asking questions is the ideal way to go about it.

However, flirting can also be considered a good way of establishing friendly relations between two in a short way. Flirt is not cheating or something, but another socialization tool to use whenever.

In conclusion, flirting in online dating involves making yourself stand out.

While picking out an attractive photo, creating an excellent first impression, and asking questions will increase your chances of success, you can use many other techniques.

As an art, flirtation skills are only refined through practice, and each method should be refined with time.