8 reason why students buy an essay for college homework

One of the widely used education-related services is essay writing services.

With considerable changes in learning courses, it is no wonder that students turn to such companies to get their things done.

Academic writing services have been available for many years.

They used to be provided by whizz-students and weren’t as popular as nowadays.

The situation has recently changed to the extent that everyone can buy essay for college and patiently wait for an email with an attachment.

However, have you ever asked yourself: what makes students use such services?

The answer is not so apparent.

The problem is, education is not nearly the same as it used to be.

Students now have to complete much more tasks to graduate and obtain the desired degree.

Unfortunately, with an increase in assignments, the number of hours in a day didn’t change, which means students get more tasks and can’t deal with them on time.

That’s why they use academic services.

But there are a lot more reasons for purchasing essays.

Let’s look at some of them in a broader scope.

— Lack of time

As was mentioned previously, students are bombarded with home assignments.

Sadly, this is the primary reason why they cry for help.

Besides the number of classes, students also get way more home tasks they obviously can’t handle.

Of course, one may recommend delving deeper into studying and spending more time working on assignments.

However, the problem is that there is often no possibility to invest more time in learning because many students have already done that.

And it isn’t enough.

— Inadequate knowledge of a subject

Many students feel that they know nothing.

In most cases, it is a common underestimation of one’s expertise based on fear of failing the course.

Many students encounter such a pitfall, which shades their thinking and thus stimulates them to place an order with writing companies.

It isn’t clear why students consider their knowledge insufficient to deal with homework individually (it correlates with psychology and learning approaches).

But one thing is apparent – they end up outsourcing tasks because of that fear.

— Lack of interest

We have all had those mundane classes with a teacher that doesn’t care about students.

Everyone would like to skip their lectures.

But it would negatively impact a final grade because that teacher is relentless.

Not only is s/he cruel when checking works, but s/he also assigns too many tasks.

And although the subject isn’t significant, no one cares.

You have to submit them on time.

Otherwise, undesired things are going to happen.

So students humbly attend lectures and submit every assignment without delays.

With professionals’ help, undoubtedly.

— Unwillingness to write

Has it ever occurred to you that you want to do nothing but lie on the bed, watch something, or just scroll social media?

You are not an exception.

Many students are frustrated when it comes to writing.

Realizing that they have to write numerous tasks and do thorough research hits them hard.

The simplest way to get rid of that feeling is to buy an essay and rest assured.

This way, they are not tied to an academic schedule and can do whatever they want to.

This isn’t indeed the most justified reason to buy a paper, but it will be so, as long as the education system doesn’t change.

— Extracurricular activities

This reason closely revolves around the lack of time.

Yet, it is a bit different.

Apart from having difficulties finding free time, students are also physically exhausted, especially when involved in extracurricular activities.

And even if they’d had time, they wouldn’t have been able to complete all the writing assignments at all.

Extracurricular activities are essential, as the top-tier colleges often pay close attention to them.

But so are final grades, which is why writing companies level off a situation and deal with homework while students attend extra courses.

— Will to boost the average

Of all the requirements students should meet to become eligible and get into the desired school, a GPA is the most critical.

Academic institutions use a specific formula to estimate an average.

And since most subjects are taken into account, it is crucial to work hard to elevate a GPA.

While several ways to accomplish that exist, using writing services is the most effortless one.

And the most effective too.

One may accuse such companies of breaching academic integrity.

Suppose it’s true.

In that case, it also applies to hiring a personal tutor or attending office hours.

Buying essays isn’t wrong, as they always help students improve their writing, logical, and critical thinking and improve their research.

— Being in opposition

Being in opposition to an educator isn’t a prevalent problem, but it exists.

Weak teacher-student relations are detrimental for both sides.

As a result of constant disagreements, instructors can lose motivation to work on syllabi and look for an individual approach to every single student.

Students, in turn, start thinking they aren’t competent, know nothing, and that the entire process of learning tends to be in vain.

Therefore, they lose interest in a subject per se and isolate themselves from it by letting others do their homework.

— Fear to be caught with plagiarism

Every school, college, or university treat plagiarism differently.

They all have strict policies applied to anyone who borrows intellectual property and passes it as their own.

If one is caught because of plagiarising content, they are likely to fail the course or even get suspended.

Writing unique papers is challenging, as your work may have traces of plagiarism even if you don’t rely on any source.

While this issue is easily fixed by a teacher going manually through the report and piece and comparing written parts, educators sometimes don’t do this.

Some blindly rely on plagiarism software and don’t double-check papers.

And here is the problem.

Plagiarism detection tools aren’t perfect.

They might locate plagiarised text where it is original and vice versa.

This makes students fear for the quality of their work.

So they prefer to delegate such tasks to writing agencies that guarantee uniqueness and use the same software to check works’ originality.