Happy Ending Massage [Detailed Explanation]

If you are planning to get a massage, you probably would want to know what a massage with a happy ending means so you know exactly what you should expect.

After reading through this post, you will know the meaning of a happy-ending massage.

I’ve been avoiding writing about this topic, but I cannot resist the urge to write about it anymore.

Before we get into explaining what is meant by ‘happy endings’ in a massage or body rub, please note that a lot of people misspell this as “happy ending massgae”.

Please take note of the correct spelling that can be found in this article title.

That said!

So what is the meaning of a massage with a happy ending?

That’s the big question.

Let’s get right in detail.

What are we talking about when we talk about a massage with a “happy ending”?

Many times we have had the opportunity to hear this expression, but probably in contexts very different from intimacy.

For example, it is said that there are many movies that have a “happy ending”, referring to the typical Hollywood movies where the boy stays with the girl and everyone is happy.

However, nothing further from this naive fairy tale image is the “happy endings” that are experienced in relation to s*xuality.

Since s*x is socially considered taboo (in other words, something forbidden that cannot be openly mentioned), euphemisms like these are often used to refer to s*xual relationships of all kinds.

In the course of this article, we will address the expression “happy ending” where it is most used: in the field of massages.

As we anticipated in previous paragraphs, where this expression is most frequently used is in the field of massages.

That is why we are going to discover a little more about what is expected of this type of practice below:

Where is the expression happy ending used?

Apart from in the field of massages, it is also used in other areas of a s*xual nature such as escorts or phone s*x.

For example, a handjob over the phone is a de-stressing way to reach a happy ending, and many times when calling this type of service, this type of expression is sought so that the conversation takes on a different tone.

How do you get a good massage with a “happy ending”?

In many cases, the posters advertising “massages with a happy ending” are ways of telling the “potential clients” that those who perform the massages are not actually health professionals but women who practice prostitution and use this euphemism to watch over the offer of their services, often to circumvent the controls that regulate or prohibit this practice (according to the country).

However, it is also possible to experience “happy ending massages” in private with our partner or occasional s*xual partner.

If you want to entertain your partner with something new and surprising, or if you want to renew or reaffirm the s*xual massage techniques that you already do regularly, here we leave you a series of tips and recommendations that will make your nights more and more sensual and full pleasure.

On the other hand, in this section, we will be in charge of explaining the similarities, but above all, the differences, between the “erotic massage” and the “massage with a happy ending”, so as not to get confused and, why not, so as not to generate one himself and the other false expectations in relation to what we intend to offer him.

On many occasions, the erotic massage itself can be a pleasant practice in itself, where the other is stimulated to unsuspected points and, in this sense, it must be differentiated from a massage with a “happy ending”.

Steps to follow for a good happy ending

Firstly, what is important, so that it does not become a preliminary to s*x, is subtlety, rubbing without penetration, or oral s*x, or kisses on the mouth.

For erotic massage, everything must be previously organized, that is, set, which does not imply that there should be no room for fluidity, quite the opposite.

However, properly scenting, lighting, and musicalizing the environment where the massage will take place is an essential step for it to be successful.

On the other hand, if we have one or more mirrors at home, erotic massage is a good time to dust them off and use them, as they enhance visual stimuli.

Finally, when you enter “onstage” and begin the massage itself, it is important not to forget to always have a game attitude but, in turn, we ( who “act” as masseuses at that time ) radiate sensuality and safety in every step we take.

It is also extremely important that the enjoyment and pleasure be mutual since it is useless to do it if you have no desire for it.

One of the techniques that do not fail, on the other hand, is to use your mouth to blow or rest it on the other’s back or on any part of their body: feeling the lips and the breath of the other combines temperatures and is very sensual.

However, perhaps the most infallible when giving an erotic massage is the use of feathers, rubbing them very gently on the other’s body causes great pleasure for him.

It is always necessary to treat the other’s body like silk or a work of art to be built, that is, gently but with determination and intention.

As far as massage with “happy ending” is concerned, although it uses all the techniques described above for erotic massage, it differs from it because it is considered a preliminary action to “warm up engines” before reaching consummation s*xual in*ercourse.

It should be noted that this consummation can be of any type, that is, it is called a “happy ending” for both a*al, o*al or v*ginal s*x.

More explanation of a happy ending massage

There are different types of massage, which I would like to let you know but since this article is not about listing the types of massage, I will avoid that.

But regardless of the type of massage that you are having or planning to have, once you hear “happy ending” it means something completely different.

We’ll break down the meaning comprehensively right here.

When a massage therapist chooses to actively “stimulate” the recipient’s (either female or male) genitals (and/or breast area) in order to get the individual s*xually aroused.

This usually leads to the client having an orgasm.

Such a type of massage is the type they call, massage with a happy ending.

The individual providing it could do it with his or her hands, lips, and/or other parts of their body, as well as with some other object.

Only when the client consents that this can be done.

If you are a massage therapist, you cannot give a massage with a happy ending without the consent of the client.

More details about happy ending massage

I first talked about my avoidance of not mentioning the types of massages but let me just give you an excerpt so you better understand the whole thing.

First off, let me give you an excerpt of the types of messages I know about.

I know about some therapeutic massages such as Swedish and deep tissue massages.

There are also erotic massages such as tantric, Nuru, and happy ending which is our topic of discussion today.

Just like we have varieties of dance styles such as erotic lap dance, tango, and salsa.

“Happy ending” is a form of sensual massage.

It involves stimulating and rubbing the male/intimate female’s areas, which may or may not end in orgasm.

Massage of the intimate areas isn’t just a simple hand job, contrary to popular belief.

There are a number of locations and joints in the human body where massage can stimulate the client.

The objective of a massage is to relieve the tension and stress that has built up in the intimate area.

Considering that we are adults in the twenty-first century, ignoring such regions and labeling them “bad” is a pretty narrow-minded approach.

Of course, you should never request a happy ending from a massage therapist in your medical office.

However, if you’re employing a freelance masseur, feel free to look for it in areas that openly promote happy endings.

Some people who want to be escorts often claim to deliver a happy ending, but don’t be misled; they aren’t interested in the body and mind healing attitude, and they are the reason why happy ending massage is connected with a simple handjob and other people’s negative attitude towards it.

I hope this gives you some sort of insight about happy endings in massage.

The next time you hear someone talks about it, you will know exactly what they mean.


I’m sure this article was able to answer a very common question: what do we mean when we talk about a ” happy ending” in relation to sexual issues.

In addition, as this expression is often used around massages, we address the latter in depth.

Now that you know the difference, what do you prefer?

An erotic massage itself or a massage with a “happy ending”?

In other words, do you prefer a stimulus that leaves you wanting, or do you prefer that the massage be a preliminary practice to s*x, in any of its forms?

Whichever you prefer, it is important that both (s*xual partners or partner) agree.