Good punishment for lost bet games

Shots of punishments for lost bet games?

This post will give you good ideas.

Betting on games is one of the ways people make money and have fun beyond enjoying the games.

So, there is betting for fun, especially among friends who have an interest in the same game.

This is common among football lovers who are either colleagues or friends who share different teams.

Here is how they do the betting for fun- whenever two football teams are playing and these teams are represented within the circle of friends, each of them will place a bet against each other.

This is usually with the knowledge of the other friends or in their presence.

After the bet, they will unanimously agree on a punishment for the loser.

The punishment is determined by depriving the person that lost of what they see as important to the duo in the bet for their teams.

This is not really about the punishment, it is about catching fun.

So, the punishment is usually funny and in a way to catch fun over the fellow.

Most times, it is really about the fun, not the punishment.

There are different examples of punishment for lost bet games depending on the set of people who bet.

For instance, it could be among siblings, coworkers, friends, etc.

Each of these groups has different interesting punishments that will really crack you up or the participants.

So it is a way to laugh at the bet loser.

Whoever loses should be prepared to endure the shame.

The punishment could be something like cutting off the afro of the loser (that may be hard to do especially if he has not cut his hair in years), cutting off the beard of beard lovers, forcing the loser to stay without cutting his hair for a month especially for the hairy ones, loser may be forced to dye his hair to one odd color, etc.

Among siblings, the punishment maybe a little bit different and can range from making the loser do a particular house chore for a period, the loser may lose his favorite meal to the winner, the bet loser may be made to cook for all especially when he doesn’t like to cook, etc.

The idea is to laugh while the loser is involved in those activities.

If it is among friends, this normally comes with a lot of laughs and mockery.

So, there may be ridiculous punishments that will trigger a lot of laughs.

It could include making the bet loser wear mankini during an outing, making the loser sing in the crowd, the bet loser may be forced to take a food challenge, the loser may be made wear clothes of diverse colors that do not blend, etc.

It is all about the fun.

Sometimes, the bet may not be for the fun.

It can be for material gains like money, a watch, cloth, and other expensive items.

For this set of people, it is about the fun and gain that comes from the bet.

Whatever the punishment for the bet is, it is usually based on the type of people placing the bet and what seems important to them.