How to fix android.process.acore


This post promises to help you fix the android.process.acore error.

After reading this post, you will be able to fix android.process.acore and get your Android device working again as usual.

So if that is what you’ve been searching for, then you are in the right place.

Questions are flooding some top online communities about how to fix this error and the affected Android users are seriously yearning for solutions.

Android.process.acore is an error caused by corrupted cache data and it is common among people using an Android device.

So you have this error message pop on your screen each time when your Android device is trying to query the cache for a program running in the background.

This error is not limited to your Android mobile but other Android devices like Android TV and the rest of them.

Common causes of android.process.acore error

  • Contacts app data error
  • System apps deleted or disabled mistakenly
  • Installing custom ROM
  • Error while upgrading OS
  • Virus attack

In the cause of fixing this error, you may suffer some data lost so make sure you backup some valuable data including your contacts.

After knowing the possible causes, let’s proceed to find a solution to this problem.

How to fix android.process.acore

Since this problem is caused by your contacts app, we’ll tackle it from that angle.

  • Tap on your settings app
  • Navigate to the application manager
  • The contact app
  • Under storage, clear the app data
  • Restart your device after

Following the steps above should fix the android.process.acore error but if it doesn’t, let’s proceed further and get more in-depth.

The second step that will help you fix this error is finding possible deleted or disabled system applications.

If your device has an app manager that helps you disable or freeze some system applications, then you might want to check to be sure that an important system ap is not disabled or deleted.

  • From the official website of the application vendor, download and install the Android Data Extraction app.
  • Connect your PC to your Android then launch the software.
  • Get into the download mode by simply clicking the “Broken Android Data Extraction”.

Now follow the steps below after entering the download mode:

  1. Check to see if your Android device is on the fault screen. Maybe black screen or broken screen > Choose start.
  2. If damaged, tap on the second start option.
  3. Choose a problem that best describes your situation from the list. If yours is not listed, then simply tap on continue.
  4. Select your device name and model then confirm it.
  5. This will repair and recover the corrupted files.

Restart your device after this process.

Update error

Update errors can cause this error.

Be sure your updates are bug-free and installed correctly.

Factory reset

If after going through all of these steps and the android.process.acore error still persist, you may want to restore your device to its factory settings.

In fact, if there is no much data to lose, then you can just restore the device to its earlier time settings and have everything working again.

The steps shared above proven and confirmed to be actionable in getting rid of the android.process.acore error.

If after the factory reset you still have this problem, then your device might have an issue with the hardware and needs technical support.