Dicyanin and why is it illegal in the United States

I once read something about the Dicyanin dye not being illegal to purchase, sell, or create Dicynin dye in the United States.

But what really is the truth about Dicyanin?

This post promises to share a brief history of Dicyanin, what it is used for and whether or not it is really illegal in the United States.

Dicyanin is just a difficult-to-make blue dye that doesn’t have any applications for which other, more common dyes aren’t better.

It’s also the subject of a lot of “crazy science” theories like the “human aura” and “astral realm.”

Why is Dicyanin dye illegal?

Dicyanin Dye is considered to be illegal because it is told to have special properties when laid down between two glass planes.

The resultant effect allows anyone to see into the Astral Realm as well as observe a person’s emanating aura.

Essentially proving that another plane of reality exists.

Many people are confused as to why Dicyanin considered illegal, given that it isn’t a drug, isn’t physically harmful, and isn’t poisonous.

A skilled chemist with great ability, on the other hand, can synthesis the molecule with only basic lab equipment.

History of Dicyanin Dye

During the 1920s, Walter Kilner, a chemist, experimented with a substance named ‘Dicyanin.’

He put the dye in between two glass planes and looked through.

What he discovered was the power to see anyone’s aura.

Kilner was able to concentrate on the person’s aura better since the dye was able to block out the white light spectrum.

Prior to the 1940s, private scientists had unrestricted access to Dicyanin Dye. During this time, the United States government banned the dye’s use.

Dicyanin Dye was temporarily available for purchase in 2010, but it was shortly banned again.

When a government scientist was requested to determine how classified the dye was, the chemist discovered that the dye’s manufacturer provides each customer a unique code.

The chemist also discovered that his security code permitted him to purchase as much LSD, hèrōin, and Cōcainè as he desired, but that he didn’t have enough permission to order “Dicyanin Dye.”

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