Godbless or God bless which is correct? [SEE HERE]

What’s really the difference between Godbless and God bless?

Which of them is correct?

After reading this post, you will learn the differences between them.

One of the visible differences between Godbless and God bless is that one is a phrase while the other is a word.

From basic English language class, we understand that a phrase is a combination of two or more words.

As you can see God bless is a phrase while Godbless is a word.

The phrase will derive its meaning from the meaning of the individual words agreeing together.

A word will only showcase its meaning.

But that of the phrase can only be arrived at when the words in it are well understood with the direction the words are pointing to.

The meaning is an envelope in the direction the words are pointing to.

The words “God” and “bless” are two different words.

And as a phrase, it contains both subject and verb.

Although without an object.

Due to its arrangement, God bless is correct and meaningful.

On the other hand, Godbless is two words written together to form a single word.

In its form a single word, it lost the meaning God bless carries.


What does Godbless mean?

Well, Godbless is not an English word of repute.

You won’t find it in any dictionary.

It may have originated in recent times.

So, there is no need to even worry about whether it is correct or not.

As long as it is not an English word so to say, then it can never be correct.

It sounds and looks like one of those conjured words to form a name.

So, don’t be surprised if you find someone with it as his name.

But grammatically, it has no meaning.

And it cannot be said to have a derived meaning because God bless and Godbless are two different things.

It should not be in comparison to God bless.

This is not to mean that Godbless may not have a meaning restricted to certain individuals or people.

For instance, if a child were to be Godbless, they would definitely have meaning for it.

It might even be the same meaning as God bless while they write it as Godbless.

But that meaning is not what you will find in a dictionary.

You won’t even find the word “Godbless” in the dictionary let alone a meaning for it there.

God bless on the other hand is used in two instances.

The first means that God adds to or multiply.

It can as well means that God grows something or someone.

Any sort of increase or growth that is orchestrated by God means God bless that thing or someone.

So, God may be used to show God’s intervention that brings about an increase.

The second meaning is not far from the first.

It is just the situation that is a bit different.

This statement is sometimes used as a parting word.

When people are engaged in a conversation and they are leaving, you may hear them say God bless.

It means God bless you as you go.