Difference between dab me up and dap me up

The phrase “dap me up” is commonly used conventionally in friendly greetings, these range from handshakes, fist-bumps, pound-hugs chest bumps, etc.

But you must also have heard someone using the phrase “dab me up” mostly on social media, it is not uncommon to see people using the phrase in common social media chats and activities.

It has especially become popular that it is hard to be ignored.

It is usually represented with a smiling emoji and a raised hand and you must be wondering what the new phrase is.

The phrase is closely related to “dap me up” but unlike your conventional dapping/

When you are asked to “dab me up” you are being asked for a more friendly gesture which includes raising your hand and bowing your head.

A common practice that is widely accepted among the millennials although, this practice originates as far back as the 90s where the black Americans use it as the adulterated version of the conventional “dap me up”.

It is used as a friendly remark between friends and acquaintances.

When you are asked to give a dab, you are simply being asked to initiate the raising up of one arm while burying your head into another, and it is commonly used in the form of an emoji on social media.

As I previously pointed out, “dab me up originated as far back as the 90s, but it began to become popular in 2015 where it was not uncommon to hear the phrase being used, and more popular around January 2021 when a YouTuber posted a video of him disrupting an Instagram group chat with the meme.

The video displays a group discussion, whereby the YouTuber kept distracting the discussion with the hilarious emoji, and after a couple of warnings, the group admins seems frustrated, and the YouTuber was eventually kicked out, this is of course a hilarious clip, and many people find it so, the video became popular and everyone starts imitating the idea.

The difference between the phrase “dap me up” and “dab me up” is the style of greeting, one is more formal while the other is less formal, while you are required to respond with a handshake or fist-bump when you are asked to “dap me up” you rather respond with a dab ( raising an arm and bowing into the other) when you are asked to “dab me up”.

So when next you hear someone use the phrase “dab me up” instead of the more conventional “dap me up” you shouldn’t get confused.

I hope this satisfies your curiosity.