800-275-2273 Apple scam? Here is what to do


800-275-2273 happens to be the official contact number for Apple support.

How then is it possible that you are receiving this voicemail scam?

Considering the fact that 1-800-275-2273 is the official Apple support number.

So if you are one of the Apple users receiving voice messages from 800-275-2273, this post promises to share with you what this means and what you can also do on your part on getting some voice messages from this number.

A friend who is a die-hard fan of Apple shared a situation where he received a voice msg from 800-275-2273 and he was told not to use Apple devices until he speaks with an Apple support representative.

That sounds more like a scam, right?

It does not only sound like a scam but it is actually a scam.

The most disturbing part of this whole thing is that the phone number used is the official Apple support number.

That’s shocking, right?

How is that even possible? An unauthorized person using the Apple official number?

Apple has also come out to disclaim this.

If you are getting this fishy voice msg, here is what it means.

If you get a message from this number that sounds more like a scam, all you need to do is to simply ignore and delete it completely.

The truth of the matter is, Apple’s official number is being spoofed by some criminals.

So here are some of the precautionary measures to take into consideration when you receive any message from 800-275-2273.

Received a message from 800-275-2273? Do these

  • Detect and avoid phishing/spam emails
  • Fake virus warning
  • phony support calls & other possible scam formats

This scam usually comes from shysters overseas.

There is no other way to best describe this.

The next time you receive any message from 800-275-2273, you will have to check and be sure the message is coming from a trusted source before taking any action.

Always remember to take the precautionary measures I shared above so you don’t fall prey to these scams.

More details will be updated here as I get them.