Why You Have To Try Feelzing’s Energy Patch By Thync

We live in a fascinating time.

Twenty years ago, the world would have been amazed about devices such as SAD glasses.

It stands to reason that devices like this exist.

Wellness, energy, and focus are central to our busy lives, and for this, many of us turn to external sources.

Legal examples include coffee, caffeine pills, and energy drinks.

No need to mention the other, less legal ones.

But one should note how most of these sources are predominantly based on the power of caffeine.

While caffeine is a terrific source for many, it can also be addictive and cause headaches, increased anxiety, and depression when we take it out of our routines.

But Feelzing has developed an innovative neurostimulation device: the Feelzing Energy patch, and it is a worthy investment for anybody in need of a healthy energy boost.

Why You Have To Try Feelzing’s Energy Patch By Thync

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you suffer from inexplicable drowsiness, lack of focus, or general energy droughts.

These symptoms are more common than you think, and advances in neurostimulation, such as the Feelzing Energy patch, are wonderful exhibits in the progression of this science.

How Does It Work?

Feelzing by Thync is a patch that you place behind the ear.

Simply place it close to the mastoid (the area directly behind your ear, between your ear and your hairline) and let it energize you to the full.

It uses the brain’s mother tongue, electro currents, to activate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

This puts the user into a ‘calm, energized state’ (as stated by the Feelzing website).

When we feel calm, focused, and full of juice, it makes us the best that we can be in our day-to-day activities.

To top it off, we feel fantastic.

Why Does It Work?

To understand why this is an effective device, we must learn more about our bodies.

The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems operate in tandem to deal with stressful situations.

The sympathetic system controls the fight or flight responses to threats and dangers, and it has kept us anxious beings alive for many years.

In the aboriginal days, we’d run into a snake, and our sympathetic system would kick in, preparing us to deal with the situation.

The same thing happens today when a high-stress environment envelops us.

Equally, the parasympathetic system controls the day-to-day mechanics of our bodies once the threat is dealt with.

Ergo, it returns the bodily functions, such as the digestive and respiratory systems, to normal.

This explains why we get short of breath or need the bathroom in nerve-wracking environments.

It’s the result of our sympathetic system preparing us for what is incoming.

Then afterward, we feel normal again.

That’s the parasympathetic system in action, returning normality to us in a lovely silver parcel.

So, what happens when we stimulate these two systems in tandem? They couple together to keep us calm and focused while alerted and ready to deal with what the day throws at us. If a particular facet of your life stresses you out, look no further than Feelzing’s energy patch.

How Much Does It Cost?

While it is an investment, it’s an investment into your future.

For a 4 pack, it is $63 with a subscription and $90 for a one-time buy.

For a 12 pack, it is $94.50 with a continued subscription and $135 for a one-time buy.

Finally, the 24 pack is $157.50 with a subscription and $225 as a one-time deal.

While this is a repeat sort of deal and a continued investment, unlike devices such as the SAD glasses, remember that the Feelzing energy patch uses electric currents, not chemicals.

Why is this better?

Because chemicals are not the brain’s language.

The Feelzing product is more efficient and makes you feel driven, focused, and alert.

In fact, 84% of its users reported a marked increase in their energy levels.