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Concentration check in 5E

If you are not a pro, you may get confused each time you see a concentration check in 5E. After reading through this post, you will get to find out what a concentration check in 5E is. If that satisfies your intent of searching for this, then stay glued and read between the lines so […]

Minecraft can’t resolve hostname? Try this

You must have tried different things but still can’t figure out why your Minecraft can’t resolve hostname, I’ve got a solution for you today. Just maybe you have not tried something different or something that is proven to have solved this problem. So after reading this post, your Minecraft hostname issue will be all gone. […]

How to duplicate items in Minecraft

If you don’t know how to duplicate items in Minecraft, this post promises to show you how to duplicate items in Minecraft. In one of the relevant articles I posted about Minecraft, I shared with you the meaning of 110813 in Minecraft. I’m just tipping that should in case you have a similar issue. Today’s […]

How to calculate proficiency bonus 5e

This post promises to walk through all the steps in calculating proficiency bonus in D&D 5e. So if that is what you have been searching for all this while, then stay glued as you are about learning that right here. While reading the 5e rules, you will keep seeing how to add proficiency bonus and […]