Pass without trace 5e — Here is how it works in D&D 5E

Pass without trace 5e

How does pass without trace 5e work in D&D 5E?

This is one of the big questions of the D&D 5E curious users.

In today’s post, I will address in a straightforward way how it works.

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Pass without trace 5e

So I had a thought about a new spell…thought I’d run it by the hive mind, what do y’all think?

Would this be useful as a player, as a DM…? Or is it just unnecessary…?

Updated spell

New wording and more clarification.
D&D 5e Homebrew Spell

The Misleading Path
Spell Level: 4
Casting Time: 1 Action / Ritual Cast
Duration: Concentration up to 1 hour
Range: 30’ radius (creatures targeted), Undetermined (Tracks)
Schools: Abjuration / Transmutation
Components: (V, S, C) Dry Leaf, Broken Twig, Bit of Mud, and a Magnifying Glass made from crystal and Electrum (100gp value – not consumed by casting)
Classes: Ranger, Druid, Nature Domain Cleric

When cast, this spell masks the tracks or signs of movement left by the party (e.g., footprints, flattened grass, sounds, etc…) by moving these signs and physical traces and sending them to a different location to misguide trackers.

The caster simply designates a direction for the false tracks to go off in.

The Caster can target up to a number of creatures equal to their Casting Ability Score, and the tracks are effective for all creatures targeted.

The tracks are indistinguishable from real tracks and seem totally legitimate to anyone that is tracking them regardless of terrain discrepancies, these are not illusionary tracks and will be in place permanently (natural permanence) even after the spell ends…tracks will fade over time naturally, sounds do not repeat they are singular, but can be felt, smelled, tasted, heard, etc…

Intelligence Save Vs Casters DC — A successful save will indicate that there is something false about this trail, but not where the actual trail is.

The False Trail will go on for as far as the party physically travels within the duration of the spell.

Upcastable by 2 levels.

The caster may select 1 of the following effects for each level above the original:
+5 additional DC for each level above 4th.
+5 creatures that can be targeted.

Add effects of 2nd Level Spell, Pass Without a Trace. Increase Duration for 6 hours.