Are 3-kg dumbbells good for a beginner?

Read all the way through to find out if a 3-kg dumbbells is good for a beginner

When you are starting to exercise, usually there will be a lot of concerns.

This is true in line with your present condition and what you hope to achieve.

The gap between where you are and what you wish to achieve is the driving force for the concern.

While the question being addressed by this piece may be one of them, it is best to understand it.

We can not categorically tell if 3-kg dumbbells are good for a beginner like you until we understand several things.

So, a direct answer will not come up for this.

We need to understand key factors.

These key factors will show us whether or not 3-kg dumbbells are good for a beginner.

Let’s begin.

One of the first things to ask is the weight of the said beginner.

Though it is nice you already stated you are a beginner but your weight is needed here.

This is because one of the things it will impact is your weight.

What if your weight and that of the 3 kg dumbbells will not be a good combination to yield the results you desire.

Apart, from your weight, we need to know your age.

With your age, we will know if you are overweight, underweight, or normal.

With this knowledge, we will be able to advise accordingly as well as professionally.

When it comes to exercise, age matters and is also about body weight.

These two must be well combined for the best results.

I assume that this will be for arm movements.

And if it is, depending on your body weight, using just one weight may not give you much more results than gaining endurance.

You can achieve that in about four weeks if you exercise regularly.

But I am sure you won’t want to buy a weight this month and see a need for another next month.

So to avoid having to buy weight every month, you may need to purchase a set of weights that will be light, medium, and heavyweight.

To know the weight to get, you may need to try different weights at stores.

You will be able to know which is okay, too light, or too heavy for you.

Any dumbbell you can lift at least six times and achieve 300 reps with it is good enough.

Since every case is unique, it won’t be good enough to use a general assertion.

Therefore a trainer might be needed to examine your case and offer the best advice based on the available peculiarity.

I believe this is the best way to address the situation.

Being a beginner, it is important to begin on a right and a good note to avoid issues.