Our Review of the Kia Cerato

Kia Cerato 2021 base variant

The Kia Cerato is one of the most improved cars in the world today and is making rounds across the globe as a revamped entry by Kia within the small Sedan and hatchback market.

The latest Kia Cerato model has incorporated a number of new technologies and carries a revamped logo on top of it.

The revamped logo and new features make for additional aesthetics on the Cerato and spice up the aesthetics of your vehicle, eventually leading to an amazing exterior styling option.

In this article, we study and understand some of the key features present within the Kia Cerato and look at some reasons why the vehicle is a must-have for enthusiasts.

Stick through our review to find out more.

The Latest Kia Cerato

The flagship Kia Cerato model was released across Australia a couple of months back, in the mid of June.

The flagship model comes with a sunroof on top and a premium shape that lends aesthetics to the car.

The Kia Cerato might be a recent entry within the vehicle market, but it has significantly challenged the likes of the Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla.

While the premium models offer exciting features, the base model can also not be undermined.

The base Kia Cerato model includes a manual transmission option, a six-speed auto option, and a high-performing 2.0 litre option out of the box.

The engine features a 150 KW turbo system, which is complemented with some 265 nm of additional torque.

The standard variant also includes a firm suspension system with a double-clutch system for automatic transmission.

The Cerato features an excellent interior design with a fancy cabin.

Infotainment systems are a good addition to the vehicle and go on to provide entertainment on the roads.

Kia has put some additional effort into ensuring a decent and smooth drive, which is visible through the amazing infotainment system.

Kerb Weight 1370kg
Towing Capacity Brake:1100  Unbrake:610
Type Unleaded Petrol
Price A$30,250
Engine 1.6-litre TUR Gasoline DIR INJ
Warranty 7 years
Fuel Consumption 6.8L / 100km
Transmission 7 SP AUTO DUAL CLUTCH
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 litres
Drive Type Front Wheel Drive

Reviewing the Kia Cerato

The Kia Cerato includes a number of variants, with every variant carrying its own features and offering its own prices.

The Kia Cerato S comes at the lowest price tag among all variants and features a manual gearbox as the standard entry.

You can update the manual gearbox to an automatic one through a small payment.

The model comes with plastic tire covers on steel wheels, cloth seat trim, manual air conditioning, and halogen lights for daytime.

The Cerato Sports variant is next after the S and comes with a manual six-speed gearbox as the standard offering.

The version includes softer door trims, premium steering, satellite navigation, and alloy wheels out of the box.

The tires are enhanced for better grip on the roads.

Kia Cerato’s Sport Plus model is third in line after the Sports variant and offers a standard automatic transmission out of the box.

The variant includes an enhanced safety pack, which guarantees safety when driving on the roads.

The Cerato GT Plus is Kia’s top-rated offering for the Cerato, as this variant offers the crème de la crème of all standards and features in the vehicle.

The seven speed dual clutch transmission, along with the amazing 1.6 litres turbo charged engine make the GT one of the most premium and well-regarded entries on our list.

The GT variant comes equipped with premium leather seats, further enhanced with 18 inch wheels.

The pedals on the vehicle boast of a glossy metallic finish, which is further enhanced through the sporty look of the steering wheel.

The Cerato offers great fuel consumption within the city and in the country.

The vehicle offers an official fuel rating of 6.8 litres for every 100 km driven on the roads.

This is the ideal rating for a sedan of its size.

The Cerato S and Sports variants come with a six-speed manual gearbox, while the other top-rated variants come equipped with an auto transmission option.

The Kia Cerato is the perfect option for consumers today.

The vehicle comes equipped with all the latest features and makes driving within the city easier for all drivers.