Does spiritual weapon 5e fly?

A common question asked by DnD players is that if the Spiritual Weapon 5e can fly.

The Spiritual weapon is a second-level spell on the cleric spell list.

Clerics are divine-magic wielders in Dungeons and Dragons, they act as excellent support to any group and possess a large array of abilities looking on their god’s domain.

It usually requires a bonus action before the spiritual weapon will be cast, and it always lasts for one minute.

A weapon is created by the spell, within sixty feet of you, and may make a melee spell attack against a creature, not beyond five feet of the spiritual weapon.

The weapon does 1d8 on success plus your spellcasting modifier of force damage?

Subsequently, you’ll use a bonus action to maneuver the weapon up 20ft and perform a repeat attack, if your target continues to be close, you need not have to move your weapon before attacking.

The damage of the attack increase by 1d8 for every 2 levels above the second level, this is often when a slot of the upper level is cast.

To answer if the Spiritual weapon can fly, the solution is both yes and no looking at how you choose to look at it.

According to the weapon description, the spiritual weapon can float, but it doesn’t give more specifications beyond that, but since there are not any limitations to the functionalities, the flexibility to fly is solely addicted to your DM’s description, therefore, to induce an on the spot answer, you may have to ask your DM.

But given its slow movement, it definitely won’t cost much obstruction if your DM allows it, therefore I will be able to expect most DM’s to permit it to fly, in this case, I shall answer yes to the question, else the weapon is quite floating, it can only move 20ft in any direction, an enormous differences in comparison to flying with a speed of comparable magnitude.

The Spiritual weapon might not be able to fly except your DM allows it, but either it’s allowed to fly or not, the Spiritual weapon is such a robust weapon because it is, making it popular among DnD Clerics.