Does USPS deliver on Sunday — Check here

There could be instances where you need an item urgently, maybe at the late hours of Saturday, and wish to place an order but wondering if they will deliver on Sunday.

In this post, I will share with you all you need to know about USPS Sunday delivery.

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USPS delivers on Sundays.

However, there are some things you need to know about Sunday deliveries and why USPS makes deliveries on Sundays.

Why USPS delivers on Sunday

The main reason why USPS handles deliveries on Sundays is to keep the network moving and clear.

Mostly during holidays and festivities popular locations.

Presently, USPS delivers some Amazon packages on Sundays and “Priority Mail Express”

Since the need for Sunday delivery demand keeps increasing, they are working on improving what and what can be delivered on Sundays.

Since the beginning, they’ve delivered Express Mail (now known as Priority Express Mail) on Sundays (for an extra fee), and before that, “Special Delivery.” And it wasn’t a big deal.

They began delivering items on Sundays for large mailers that had negotiated Sunday delivery contracts in about 2012.

Only Amazon has a relationship with the USPS, therefore you’ll only ever get Amazon packages on Sundays (or holidays).

They DO NOT deliver other items on Sundays throughout the holiday season, contrary to what some have indicated.

After a really bad storm, when mail is delayed for many days, an executive order may be issued to catch up on Sunday, although this is extremely rare and has not yet happened yet this year.

For more information about the USPS Sunday deliveries, you might want to check out the frequently asked questions on the Sunday holiday package delivery on their website.

Will the USPS deliver parcels on Sunday? No.

Will packages be *delivered* on Sunday? Yes.

This is a new development, and as far as I know, it just pertains to Amazon, but I expect this to alter (if it hasn’t already) to allow other shippers to offer Sunday delivery options.

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