Does USPS deliver on Saturday?

Expecting a package over the weekend?

If USPS was your preferred delivery courier, you might want to know if they deliver on Saturdays.

This post promises to share the information you need about  USPS delivery on Saturdays.

Every online seller always works at ensuring that they get the best shipping experience for their customers.

This is why most sellers always ask the question “does USPS delivers on Saturday?”.

Because there are a lot of competitors that operate in your field, you must offer a convenient and fast delivery option for your customers at the point of checking out.

To make your offer stand out, you must also include weekend delivery options if possible.

Big players in the shipping industry such as Amazon Prime and Walmart have raised the bar for online sellers because due to the service these top players render, shoppers always want to get their ordered products on speed dial whether weekdays or weekends.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?


That’s the straightforward answer.

But read this before you schedule your delivery for a Saturday.

United States Postal Services (USPS) has come to recognize the need by sellers who need to meet the urgent delivery of their customers.

It is a well-known fact that post offices in the US only open for a limited number of hours on Saturdays, and that is why some people are worried if this will affect the operation of the USPS.

For USPS, Saturdays are counted as a normal business day, and they offer a list of shipping services which include:

  • First-class mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • First-class Package

Out of the service mentioned above, Priority Mail and Priority mail express the ones that have the highest probability of being delivered on Saturday.

What is the USPS Saturday Delivery Cost?

The amount you will be paying for Saturday delivery depends on the service you want them to render.

You also don’t pay any additional charges because as mentioned earlier, Saturday is a normal business day for USPS.

Let’s now look at the amount that USPS charges for their services:

First-class mail: $4 upward

Priority mail express: $26.75 upwards

USPS retail ground: $7.70 upwards

Firs-class package: $4 upward

Two important factors that determine your overall delivery cost are the destinations and the package weight.

What time does USPS deliver on Saturday?

USPS delivery time is the same as the weekdays, which is between 9 am -5 pm.

Though they deliver some packages around 2 pm, you should expect them to deliver latest by 6:30 pm.

The Priority Mail Express will be delivered as early as 10:30 am.

4 crucial tips to note about USPS Saturday delivery

As you plan to use USPS for your weekend delivery, here are some important details to note:

1. No extra charges for Saturday: For USPS, Saturdays are like normal working time, and because of that, they don’t add an additional fee for your delivery.

2. Package tracking: USPS ensures that all packages to be delivered on Saturday are being tracked

3. Option to insure: USPS automatically includes $50-100 insurance to their weekend delivery.

6 steps on how to ship with USPS

If you want to use the USPS service to deliver your package on Saturday, follow the simple steps provided below:

1. Open an account with USPS

2. On the website, enter your shipment details and also include the estimated shipping cost and delivery date

3. Choose your delivery service option.

You have the options of Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express for weekend delivery

4. Make payment for the shipment

5. Make arrangements for pickup

6. Ensure that the shipping labels are attached to your package.

Now you know if USPS delivers on Saturdays.

People also ask if USPS delivers on Sundays.

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