What is a car loaner? [Detailed explanation]

If you do not know what a car loaner or loaner car is as a lot of people call it, this piece will walk you through.

After reading through this post, you will know what a car loaner is with a better understanding.

I’m writing this piece with my car at the service center.

So when your car is at the service center for a major repair how then do you go about your daily movement?

This is when a loaner comes into play.

Right now, a loaner car is in my garage.

From the explanation above, you should know what a car loner is.

Do you still need further explanation?

Let’s explain in detail for a better understanding.

What is a car loaner or loaner car?

As promised earlier, I will give you a detailed explanation.

Most of the time when you take your vehicle to the dealership for them to service it for you they will give you another car to drive for the period where your car will be in the workshop.

This car is called a loaner car.

This is basically a rented car that the dealership will be responsible for the rent payment.

If you’re a loyal customer, they might even lend you one of their high-end show cars, especially if they believe you’ll be tempted to buy one.

Note that this is not something that all dealerships will do.

When your vehicle is damaged, your insurance company may pay for a loaner car – probably because you’d bill the cost of a rental car to your insurance and it’s cheaper for them to lend you something rather than deal with the rental company.

So when you hear about a car loaner, know that it is a car kept at the service point that you can use while your car is being fixed.

Dealers use it to entice you to buy a new vehicle when you’re upset about having to pay for service on your old one.

This is one of the ways unpopular service centers get customers happy and get more businesses.

There was once a friend of mine who had his car into a major dealer for some sort of repairs.

Getting the parts that should be used for the repairs tool about a month because they had to travel overseas to get them.

They gave him a beat-up Ford LTD with a big V8 engine. That vehicle barely made it through a cross before things got out of hand.

This is basically what a car loaner is.

I hope it gives you an idea and what it is all about.