Amazon cons and pros for shopping online

To start your online shopping lifestyle, you might want to learn the cons and pros.

Now if you’ve made Amazon your preferred online shopping merchant, here are some of the Amazon cons and pros for shopping online.

One of the first places that come to mind when you think of shopping online is Amazon.

That’s right!

It’s a well-respected brand all over the world.

For those who haven’t tried Amazon before, this piece will help to provide insight into what it looks like when you shop online via Amazon.

So, we will take a look at the cons and pros of shopping on Amazon.

Amazon Shopping Pros

One of the well-known pros of shopping on Amazon is the availability of varieties.

You will be able to see lots of products in the category search.

If you don’t have a particular brand in mind and you know what you need, simply log on to the Amazon website and check the products under the category you want.

You will always see different products.

Also, Amazon is a trusted brand.

Being a trusted brand, you can be sure that all products you get there are from a trusted brand.

This means the quality of the product you will be buying from Amazon is top-notch.

For anyone who seeks quality, this is a reason for you to shop on Amazon.

This is true of products with Amazon prime on it.

Furthermore, Amazon offers cheap and fast shipping.

That means you will be paying less to move your ordered products to wherever you are compared to other e-commerce platforms.

That is a double benefit in one.

You get fast shipping and at a cheap price.

Amazon Shopping Cons

Almost everything in life comes with its disadvantages irrespective of how good it sounds.

One of the cons that few people have reported is fake reviews.

Some products review may not be entirely true.

This may be because such brands hire people to write good reviews about their products.

So try to get reviews of the product outside Amazon and compare the ones on Amazon.

Well, it’s not all the product that is cheap.

Surprised to read that?

Yes, some are not cheap when you compare with your local store.

Sometimes you may be paying more to buy your items on Amazon.

Please note that it doesn’t happen all the time and it is not for all products.

You may need to be sure you have enough information about the prices and compare before buying on Amazon.

Buying products that don’t have Amazon prime on them may not always be favorable especially when it will take up to two weeks to deliver.

Though it will be cheap if it turns out that you don’t like it, you will need to pay a lot to get it returned.

This is because such product usually comes from China.

So think twice when next you want to buy products in this category.

Note that when you have money disputes, it may take a while before you get them resolved.

This is a serious issue that needs attention by Amazon.

They are supposed to seek a way to get such an issue investigated and resolved within the shortest possible time.

They need to find a way to resolve it without it running into weeks.

It is also bad that when a dissatisfying issue occurs, the customer can get one person to deal with who will take ownership and see you through until the issue is resolved.

Most of the time, the customer has to be interacting with different persons making it difficult to get issues fixed on time.

I am sure no one wants to be in this mess.

Although, this disadvantage is not particular to Amazon it is still a disadvantage.

That’s the fact that you can’t try some products on and see if they fit before buying them.

The products include shoes, clothes, etc.

It’s a general online shopping demerit and since Amazon is still an online shopping platform, it is a disadvantage for Amazon too.

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