Walmart carpet cleaner rental

Walmart carpet cleaner rental

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In this post, you will get to learn virtually everything about Walmart’s carpet cleaner rental services including the price of a carpet cleaner rental at Walmart and more stuff.

Knowing how much this service costs will help you set an appropriate budget for it.

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Carpet/upholstery cleaner rental service is available in most Walmart locations within the United States.

A well-known body that specializes in selling and renting varieties of quality carpet cleaning tools and other cleaning items to users is “Rug doctor”

Rug doctor offers carpet cleaning rental services in Walmart stores in partnership with ATV Inc.

Even with the fact that they are present in most Walmart stores around the U.S, you might want to be sure that your choice Walmart store is also listed in these locations that carry Rug Doctore cleaner rental booth.

At Walmart, the carpet cleaner rentals have a rug doctor self-service booth including a space for advertising the cost of the rentals.

Also note that the machines used for the carpet cleaning service are quite different from the booth that sells in some parts of the store.

Carpet cleaning booths in Walmart are typically located near the customer service desk in a highly noticeable area in the front of the shop.

When you arrive prepared, paying for the rental is simple. You’ll notice a touch screen as you approach the booth. Choose your machine (many booths have two sizes) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Your personal information, such as your name, address, and phone number, will be requested.

To pay the rental charge, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card, debit card, or Walmart Money Card.

The door unlocks once your card is accepted, allowing you to remove the cleaning machine.

A message is sent to you via email.

Rug Doctor cleaners have a removable tank, a lower tank, an upholstery tool, a two-handed adjustable handle, and strong wheels.

Tilt the machine back and push forward as you walk after removing it from the booth.

When returning the machine, enter your information on the touch screen of the booth again and place it in the storage container.

Walmart carpet cleaner rental costs

First of all, the rental cost varies depending on the retailer that you are renting from.

Rug Doctor carpet cleaners cost $29.99 and above for 24 hours, whether or not at Walmart.

If for any reason you do not return the cleaner at the due time and date, you might be charged for an extra day rental even with the fact that there are no late fees.

Your debit or credit card will be charged an extra $29.99 or other sums you paid for the daily rental if you do not return the carpet cleaner within the specified time frame.

This will happen every day until the carpet cleaner returns

The cost of a carpet cleaner cleaning solution will be added to your total rental cost.

Cleaning products are available for purchase near the Rug Doctor booth and range in price from $5 to $20.

Pet stain remover, heavy traffic solution, stain pre-treatment, and upholstery cleaners are just a few of the commercial carpet cleaning options available.

While some people opt-in for homemade cleaning solutions in place of professional carpet cleaners, there is no guarantee that the methods will produce good results.

Rug Doctor does not require its machine renters to use its cleaning solution items, so you can use whatever you choose.

For the greatest results, you should use professional cleaning products intended to operate with industrial carpet cleaners.

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