Who is Yelena aot in attack on titan

Are you a fan of Attack on Titan?

If yes, then you will know Yelena, one of the characters.

Attack on Titan has got great characters.

Each person plays out a great role which makes it great.

One of the great people worth knowing about is Yelena Aot and that’s what this piece is all about.

After reading through this post, you will get a clearer picture of who Yelena aot is in attack on titan

Yelena is a blonde hair styled and tall woman.

She’s got thick eyelashes with big black eyes.

She was first appearing in Marleyan military uniform until she broke out from them and began to appear in a dark blazer with a white button-down and p*nts.

If you have been watching the attack on titans, by now you would have identified Yelena.

Yelena works under Zeke Yeager as the leader of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers.

She was born into a family in Marley.

She is 190cm with a weight of 63kg.

Yelena plugged herself with Zeke Yeager by offering assistance to save the world.

This was where their journey began together.

To gain access to Zeke, Yelena made up a story for herself.

In the made-up story, she claimed her clan was invaded by Marley.

They were conquered and following this invasion, she was forced into the Marley military.

However, she met other people of like minds and they formed the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers with the sole purpose of fighting the Marleyan military.

Yelena holds Zeke Yeager in high esteem and believes so much in him.

The great admiration and respect for Zeke are what made her put up a false story of herself to draft herself into his workforce.

She is dutiful and loyal.

One of the good things about her is that she is calm with a willing heart to take responsibility.

She will apologize if the need arises.

Somehow, Yelena is a no-nonsense commander.

If she discovers or hears that any of her comrades are working secretly against their goal, she will eliminate such comrades right in front of others without hesitation.

That will serve two purposes, one is that it will serve as a deterrent to others and the second is that it will take the bad egg out of the crate.

She is just disillusioned with her people and went on to oppose her origin all her life.

She was instrumental in destroying her people.

Even at the point of death and torture when one will assume that she would have turned back to side her people.

It seems she had already blotted herself out of the lexicon of the Marley and was ready to go to any extent.

It just teaches a lesson that you need to motivate people about their origin.

Imagine if Yelena was well handled.

She won’t have been disillusioned with her origin so much that she became a force against it.