With delivery courier — Here is what it means

With delivery courier

DHL with delivery courier is a message that is very unique to them.

Or is the message as explanatory as it appears?

Let’s find that out.

In this post, you know the meaning of “With delivery courier” in DHL and know the next to do if you are expecting a package to be delivered by DHL.

What does the message “With delivery courier” from DHL mean?

The next time you hear your friend, neighbour or colleague asking that question, you will be able to provide the answer yourself.

Here is a quick note “with delivery courier” is similar to ‘out for delivery’ that is often used by other service providers.

Some may have their scanned checkpoint message as out for delivery while some as with delivery courier.

You might want to read that up to know the differences.

With delivery courier meaning

The meaning is as easy as the term appears.

But here is a further explanation to explain further what “With delivery courier” means to give you a better understanding.

This term means that the shipment, envelope, package, or parcel is in the last stage before it gets delivered to the person who was meant to receive the package.

The person that package is addressed to.

I believe you got this message at the time of tracking your order or package.

If “With delivery courier” is all the tracking information you could get while trying to track your package, please note that the package is in the possession of a courier from DHL.

The DHL courier or messenger can have this shipment either in his delivery van, bicycle or motorcycle, his bag or even in an aeroplane.

It all depends on where the person who is at the receiving end is located.

This is just to let you know that the delivery man is on his usual daily delivery routine.

He’ll arrive at the destination address at some point along his path and deliver your item, ideally to the consignee, or perhaps leave it at a front desk…

He could leave the parcel in a mailbox or on the porch in some cases (and localities).

The last two paragraphs before this one that you are reading are exactly what the checkpoint status, with delivery courier means.

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