Shocking reasons why girls don’t like bigger guys

It is quite shocking why girls don’t like bigger guys.

But you will get to find out exactly why after reading through this page.

Over the years, girls have always preferred a big guy over a small guy.

This is born out of their fantasies about their relationship where they wish they have a big and tall guy to look up to.

Well, as good as that may sound to many girls, there are other girls who will rather choose to go with small guys.

Seems they snapped out of fantasies to go in a different direction.

Let’s examine some of the reasons for this choice.

Some girls have identified the tall and big guys as every lady’s guy.

In order to avoid fighting over men, they have decided to pitch their tents on the road less desired.

As ridiculous as it may sound, these girls are just being real with themselves.

They don’t want all the lady in town paying attention to their men let alone getting disturbed by the thought of fighting over him.

It is truly shocking to find out girls would avoid bigger guys because of the belief that they fart the most.

Few girls can’t just handle the fart of another person.

But excuse me miss, don’t you fart at all?

I wish I can get an answer.

I really don’t know when the ability to fart became part of the things to check for a relationship.

I think everything is just going upside down.

Well, if you don’t fart at all, then you can go on with rejecting people who do.

Few girls have commented that bigger guys may have underlying health issues.

This is due to the belief that most big people have one issue or the other ranging from hypertension, obese, heart disease, etc.

They said it is better save than sorry.

Although, this is not a good assumption and I wonder where love is in this assumption.

Who told you being big means underlying health condition?

There is no fact in that assumption.

Some slim people have even worse ailments.

Just check out for health issues rather than working with this assumption.

Please rethink.

For some girls, being big is synonymous with being lazy.

Most especially to house chores.

Well, most men are lazy when it comes to house chores but tagging the big guys with this may not be fair.

Ladies love the type of guys that will help with house chores once in a while.

It is believed that the big guys may not leave a spot even if everything around is upside down.

But in truth, you are not likely to get a guy that loves house chores even if he is not lazy.

Apart from being lazy with house chores.

How about with work and career as a whole?

The question they are asking is how a lazy man will be able to provide for his home.

That is a valid question if you ask me.

Some ladies just want peace of mind in their relationship/marriage, hence the need to check this too.

Any lady that is not checking this will soon realize love prospers when needs are met in marriage.