Hurawatch — What you need to know about

What you need to know about

Is Hurawatch a scam?

Is Hurawatch even legal?

What benefit is there to registering on

I will answer all of these questions and even more.

Hurawatch is a website that provides an organized thumbnail link to a massive selection of movies and an extensive collection of TV shows.

All TV shows have links and every episode.

By using, you are able to stream movies and TV shows for free.

But is it legal?

And is Hurawatch a scam? was registered on 5th December 2020!

The person who owns this domain has made all the ownership information that relates to this domain private.

But what we do know is that this domain was registered in Russia.

The internet archive confirms that there is a history of this website dating back as early as December 19, 2020, and Google has over 50,000 pages for this website.

However, there is no business address on the contact page and no phone number.

Another thing that looks very suspicious is that Hurawatch has a DMCA link at the bottom of their site but this link didn’t work.

Another thing about is that it operates as though it is not doing anything shitty.

The domain is a .com TLD which is very rare for a streaming site.

Although everything I mentioned so far doesn’t build confidence, I have to say at this point that Hurawatch is not a scam.

It doesn’t even appear that as of today, they are trying to make money on the website using pop-unders, affiliate links, or display advertising.

Another point is, Hurawatch is legal.

Well, I’m not conversant with the copyright law in Russia.

However, I can’t say that every country has its own laws with regards to copyright, and mostly streaming videos is different from downloading videos.

That does not mean it’s legal.

For specific legal regarding streaming, you’ll need to search “streaming and copyright laws” in your specific locality.

Hurawatch has the option to create an account, but why would someone want to create an account?

What benefit is that?

Well, creating an account allows you to add favorite videos to a watchlist, that’s all.

So is safe?

Well, yes and no.

As long as you have a virus scanner in your device and don’t download anything or enter any personal or financial information into the site, the site itself is safe.

However, the site promotes streaming movies and TV shows for free which may violate laws in some countries.

Keep in mind, all your online activities are tracked and there will be a record of everything you do online.

So if streaming is not permitted in your country it is a good idea to avoid sites like

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So what do you think about Hurawatch and streaming generally?