What UPS red label means on packages

UPS is the acronym for United Parcel Service and it is a well-known American courier company with customers all over the world.

They are into shipping and receiving packages sent by their clients to different locations.

They offer both local and international courier services.

Like any other company, there are communications that help to sort and inform people about the parcels.

This may come in form of labels and tags used on the packages.

Such information may be for both staff and the general public.

In this piece, we shall take a look at what the UPS red label means when found on packages.

Meaning of UPS red label on packages

UPS have different labels they attach to packages when processing these packages.

The steps, destination, and when the package will be delivered are the key factors that determine which label will be attached to a particular package.

That, therefore, means that the labels carry significant information about the package.

For a red label to appear on a package, it has its message.

It simply means that such package is to deliver within 24 hours.

It means that the package must be delivered the next day. Not only that, it says that the delivery is guaranteed to be delivered the next day.

That means irrespective of whatever that happens, it will be delivered.

It is important to note that this red label is concerned with local delivery packages only.

So, depending on your location, you may need to find out how it is done in your location.

As there are a few guidelines to this depending on your location.

This includes the areas it covers and how soon the delivery is expected to get to where it is going.

The standard procedure for the UPS red label on packages originally says that the package would be delivered by 10:30 am or before that time.

That means it is guaranteed that the package will get to its destination on or before 10:30 am.

This is still in operation today as a modus operandi for delivery when you see one.

Another thing UPS red label on packages means is that the package is guaranteed to be delivered the next day on or before 3 pm.

Although this is the same as the first one explained.

The only difference is the time of delivery.

They both are saying the package will be delivered the next day.

Time is the only difference.

This concept is generally referred to as the Next Day Air package.

While you may see it as UPS red label on a package, you can as well call it the Next Day Air package.

The two subtypes are what we have explained above and they are called early AM and saver respectively.

Get used to the terms in case you find yourself around their staff.

Please note that this service would cost you a fortune.

Of course, it will not be the same price when sending a package out normally.

You need to pay for the guarantee that it will be delivered the next day.