Play on words and some examples

Do you want to know the meaning of this popular “Play on words”?

If this question “What’s the meaning of Play on words” has been flashing your mind anytime you hear this phrase mentioned, then consider reading this article to find an accurate answer to it.

However, other than enlightening you on what “Play on words” is all about, I will do well to list out some good examples of this phrase that you might commonly overhear people saying.

All you have to do here is just to keenly read through this article bit by bit and you’ll definitely learn everything you need to know about this phrase.

What’s the meaning of “Play on Words”?

After much research on this phrase to make sure that I provide an accurate answer to you, I have come to the derivation that “This phrasal term ‘play on words’ is normally used in describing jokes, that’s giving a kind of funny remarks.

But, these jokes are literary focused coz it has to do with grammar, and dialect, including other literary forms.

Nonetheless, there are other ways people use in saying Play on Words, but it still means the same.

The words may have an entirely different spelling and pronunciation, but just have it in mind that these words or phrases are synonyms for “Play on words”.

Such words include pun, double meaning, wordplay, jeu de mots, bon mot, equivocalness, etc.

So, anywhere these words or phrases are mentioned, just know that they are referring to “play on words”.

In general, these words are used when you use a word or phrase that sounds similar to another word or phrase but has a different definition to make a joke or pun to amuse people.

So, at this point that you’ve got a clue of what Play on words is all about, I believe the next thing on your mind is what are the common examples of Play on words?

Let’s treat that below…

Common Examples of Play on Words

  1. A firefly backed into a galvanic fan, it was ecstatic, without limit
  2. When the time flies like an arrow, fruit does like banana
  3. Two parrots sitting on a perch. One said to the other, “Can you smell fish?”
  4. Two anthropophagi were eating a clown and one says, “Does this taste amusing to you?”
  5. A girl goes into a pub and orders a double entendre, so the barman gives her one.
  6. The bathroom just opened up. Urine luck!”
  7. Two scientists go into a pub:- 1sr Sc. “What are you having?
  8. Tiny babies are delivered by stork but the larger ones may need a crane.
  9. Why did King John put his seal on the Magna Carta? Because his walrus was on holiday.
  10. I’d ask you to conjugate but I fear you might decline.
  11. All men are cremated equal (Vern Pardew)


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