Sugoi Dekai meaning in English

Are you a big fan of Anime?

Then you must have come across this phrase “Sugoi Dekai”.

Sugoi Dekai is a Japanese phrase from an anime that became a popular meme.

Out of curiosity, you might want to know what Sugoi Dekai means in English if you are not a native Japanese speaker.

Not to worry, this post is targeted at Anime lovers who came across the Sugoi Dekai phrase and are eager to know its meaning in English.

Once you know its meaning in English, you can then translate it to any language of your choice and use it as you wish.

After reading through this page, you will know what this means and can even apply Sugoi Dekai in your conversations if you want to have some fun with the Japanese language.

Sugoi Dekai meaning in English

Since I already know Sugoi Dekai to be a Japanese language, I had to reach out to some of my Japanese friends to ask for the meaning.

Even after I got the meaning of Sugoi Dekai from them, my curiosity did not let me stop my research there.

What if they were making jest of me?

I had to research further to be sure Sugoi Dekai actually means what they told me.

That is exactly what I’m about to share with you guys today.

So the next time you come across such a phrase, you can be sure of its meaning and can also tell someone who wishes to know.

Sugoi Dekai means “So Big” from the meaning they gave me.

Even Google Translates Sugoi Dekai to mean “It’s Huge” that is to say they told me the actual meaning.

Take a look at this:

sugoi dekai

Sugoi Dekai can mean “Great”, “Big”, “Huge” or whichever synonyms you wish to use.

Now that you know the actual meaning, you can use it the way you want.

Here is a brief explainer — Uzaki-chan wears it across her chest.

This is a bit of a hint referring to her busty figure.

What is it about Sugoi Dekai that you wish to know about that has not been stated in this post?

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