How to Complete a Perfect Essay and Boost Your Grades 

It’s no easy feat to write a high-quality essay.

But it’s much more difficult to do a paper that will surprise your teachers and enable you to get an A+ or A mark.

So it’s time to think about making your assignment better.

We’ll explore one writing tip and some methods that aren’t related to academic writing, as the grade of your paper largely depends on your psychological preparation.

Avoid Fluff Writing

The worst that you can do for your essay is to practice fluff writing.

It means that you say something in much more words than you could do.

Fluff writing gets your readers tired; they’re falling asleep when reading your paper.

It seems that you want to say something but beat around the bush.

Set Goals

One of the best ways to excel in essays is by setting goals.

You should ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing such a paper?’

Avoid the answer ‘Because I have to do it.’

Find another reason why you’re typing words and phrases in Word or Google Docs.

It may be a crazy one.

For example:

  • to surprise teachers with your originality;
  • to shock readers with your ability to draw interesting parallels;
  • to prove yourself that you can write a high-quality paper.

So it doesn’t matter why you perform your assignment.

Just find the goal and chase it.

Set Deadlines

It’s unlikely to end well if you start writing at night before handing your paper in.

You’re tired after a busy day, and your body wants to sleep, but you continue working.

So it’s no surprise that you’re growing frustrated when trying to perform your paper.

So it’s better to write in advance.

For example, if you have to deliver your piece of work after two weeks, start doing it today.

Okay, maybe you won’t end your work this evening, but by taking small steps daily, your essay will be ready before the deadline.

So work on your essay for an hour or two hours every day, and you’ll complete it without being in a hurry.

Write on Your Own

Students have tons of assignments.

And sometimes they can’t cope with them.

As a result, they spend time reading reviews about writing services and telling buddies about them.

For example, they explore the homeworkmarket review and learn if such a service is good or not.

They give this information to classmates who also have no time to perform paper assignments.

Students can spend hours reading feedback about different services, e. g. a boostmygrades review.

Then, they find the one that appeals to them most and places an order there.

It’s okay if you order an essay one time because our life is full of emergencies.

But you should stop if you’ve paid for writing multiple times.

This is because you get a high mark, but is it your score?

No. And one day, it becomes clear that you can’t write essays.

So it’s a good idea to write on your own.

Make a Plan

It’s difficult to write without an outline, as a plan is the direction of your thoughts.

Also, you’ll tie up your key points in logical chains better when using an outline.

It has a simple explanation.

When you write the key points of your paper and keep the plan in front of your eyes, your brain is running through such points.

So, it comes up with ideas on how to connect them logically.

Don’t Distract When Writing

One of the largest problems in modern society is a distraction from doing something.

If you constantly look at your phone or chat with your buddies, be sure that your paper will be fragmented.

Also, if your brain doesn’t focus on one task, it can’t build strong logical chains.

As a result, paragraphs in your paper won’t be connected with each other.

And maybe the worst thing that happens when you decide to work on your paper while sitting on the phone is that doing your essay will take much more time than it should as you have to:

  • switch from chatting to writing;
  • remember where you’ve stopped your thoughts before looking at the phone.

If you don’t distract yourself, your brain focuses on the paper assignment and finds ways to make it perfect.

So, disable alerts on your devices.

You can also put them in another room in your dwelling.

Proofread Your Essay

The last step you should do when making your essay perfect is to proofread your paper.

This is because when focusing on writing, you can miss some logical and grammar mistakes.

So it’s better to take a rest for a half-hour and then proofread your piece of work.

Don’t hurry because the essence of this step is to read carefully.

The Bottom Line

As you see, some of the above tips can seem obvious.

But some students skip them and try to get by without them.

Yes, writing secrets are good, but they’re useless without psychological preparation and organizing yourself.