Top 10 reasons why you’re craving beans so bad

If you are craving beans so bad, you might ask, what could be the possible reasons why you are craving beans so bad?

Read this article to the very end to find out exactly why you are craving beans so so bad.

Beans are one of the well-known food across the world.

Beans like any other food come to their cravings.

There are several reasons people crave beans.

If you crave beans and you don’t know why lets me help you understand it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you are craving beans so bad

10. Beans is your favorite

The number one reason people crave beans is usually that it is their favorite.

Some people can’t do without eating beans for one or two days.

So, when they miss it for such a time, heavy craving begins.

If this isn’t you, check out other reasons.

9. Beans is low in calories

Sometimes people crave beans just to reduce their calories intake.

This is true for people who may have consumed high calories food over time.

They then crave beans to step down the calorie intake.

If this does not sound like you, how about the next reason?

8. It’s been a while

You may crave beans badly if it’s been a while you ate them.

Remember that there is a food called beans and the taste may make you crave it.

Check, now that you are craving beans when was the last time you ate beans?

7. Your diet plan

You may have been on a diet for some time.

Most diet plans are made around some food containing certain nutrients.

If beans are excluded for one reason or the other, you may crave it, especially when the diet plan has been for some time.

6. Hormonal changes

Interestingly, hormonal change is a reason you may be craving beans.

Changes in hormones cause lots of changes including diets, behavior, reactions, etc.

Women may crave beans before menstruation.

This is usually because of hormonal changes.

5. A particular beans type

You may also crave particular beans type.

There are different beans type and you may access them based on your location.

Beans types include Black Beans, Black-eyed Beans, Pinto Beans, Cannellini Beans, etc.

4. Protein supply

Beans are one of the first food that comes to mind when protein supply is necessary.

You may be craving beans because you are thinking of protein supply.

You are not the only one, most people do too.

3. Pregnancy

Food craving is one of the most common experiences in pregnancy.

This is for the female folks and a pregnant woman can crave anything.

If you are pregnant you may have craving for Beans too.

2. Stress

Well, stress brings out different things in different people.

When some people go through stress, it may bring out food cravings.

Beans craving comes into play and it may be one of the ways your body responds to stress.

1. Recipe

Lastly, when you remember a particular beans recipe that you have tried or someone told you about may cause the beans craving.

This is when you want to eat a particular beans recipe and you are ready to go a long way to get it.


Really, why do I crave beans so bad?

I just listed my top 10 reasons why you’re craving beans so bad.

You can also add yours that you feel could trigger beans craving.