Nike font name used for the logo

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Nike font

Nike font and logo evolves over the years.

I’m not sure which of the versions of the font and logo you  want to see but take a look at the evolvement below:

Nike font over the years

The current NIKE word logo is lettering that has been changed from the logo that was first used in the early 1970s.

Nice font letting is based on Futura, a condensed bold oblique font.

The inspiration and polishing work behind it is only known to its most recent creator.

As stated in an earlier paragraph, you might want to get yourself acquainted with the trademark guidelines to be sure you don’t indulge in any trademark infringement.

Nike font is based on Futura, a condensed bold oblique font.

That does not mean that if you type “Nike” in your graphics software and change the font to any Futura font family it will look exactly like the Nike logo.

There have been some manual teaks and configurations.

Some more slanting has been applied to the graphics, lettering space tweaks, and more tweaks.

Of course, that is why it is a brand.

This tweak makes the font looks different from the regular font.

You may have observed how the leg of the K gets thicker while the arm gets thinner.

Make a reference to the actual Nike logo to confirm that.

So in summary, the Nike font is in the Futura with some manual tweaks to make it the brand that it is.

Now you will not ask “What font does Nike use” anymore as this I’m sure has satisfied your search intent.

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