Rapid enterprises inc/ stamps — Here is what it means

Rapid enterprises inc/ stamps

The rapid enterprises inc/ stamps notification is synonymous with USPS.

So if you got any USPS shipping notification randomly from the rapid enterprises inc/ stamps Irvine, CA first-class package service, this post is for you.

After reading this post, you will know exactly what rapid enterprises inc/ stamp means and what you can possibly do from your end.

I was just navigating one of my favorite question-and-answer websites and found this.

So I thought of also sharing it here with you guys.

You have not ordered anything but you keep on receiving this rapid enterprises inc/ stamps notification.

So now what is the verdict?

Is it a scam or not?

As far as I know, this can be for legit shipments and scams.

Here is what one of the members of the sites responded when someone asked this:

1) He said that he got a small e-packet from the United States postal service (USPS) without any idea of what was the order or what it was.

2) He said that he had a China tracking number that originated from Chengdu  and the United States postal service email confirmed an alternative tracking number that showed that it also passed the NY with reference to “RAPID ENTERPRISES INC/ STAMPS NEW YORK, NY”

3) This was just a parcel containing a generic nylon-braided 3-in-1 data cable which he said was cool even though he could not understand why he received such a parcel.

4) Then he remembered that he was gifted a package some weeks back after submitting a review on Amazon about a mobile phone screen protector he got.

In conclusion, this China Post/Rapid Enterprises shipment “UniqueMe” is the brand of the screen protector while “[email protected]” handled the gift handling.

I just hope this will help other internet users that are scouting the web with the search term “rapid enterprises inc/ stamps” in quests to find out what just got mailed.

If you have anything to add to this, just leave it in the comments.