PS4 controller yellow light — Here is what it means

PS4 controller yellow light

What does it mean when the PS4 controller yellow light is on?

Get in here to find out what the yellow light in your PS4 controller means.

PS4 controller yellow light can mean a lot of things.

All of that will be explained here.

The different ways where the yellow light is showing denote things differently.

PS4 controller yellow light

When the PS4 is plugged in and it’s on standby and the yellow light is showing, it means that it is charging.

If the PS4 is plugged in but turned off, the yellow light will be pulsing and will stop pulsing when it loses power or fully charged.

You can remember when I said earlier in this post that the yellow light can mean a lot of things.

In the case that you are playing a game that uses the light bar actively as a visual status of the character or actions in the game that you are playing, this yellow light can mean different things.

For example, In GTAV the light bar changes color when playing with one of the three available characters.

Them being Green for Franklin Clinton. Blue for Michael De Santa. Yellow for Trevor Philips.

The light also flashes red and blue when you are wanted by the Police.

In Elite: Dangerous the light bar goes from Yellow to Red in accordance with your ship temperature and status.

PS4 controller yellow light depending on the context

A yellow, solid light when the system is in rest mode or turned off means that the controller is currently charging.

A blinking yellow light indicates the controller was just plugged in to charge.

A yellow light when playing a game likely means that some game mechanic is using your controller’s lightbar, either for status (Super Charged for Destiny) or to show your character (Trevor for GTAV).

A yellow light on the controller all the time while the system is powered on, regardless of game, means that controller is player (3 or 4, cannot remember which).

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