New World Housing

New World Housing

All MMORPG players would like to have their own house in the game, and New World provides this opportunity.

Each New World player can buy up to 3 houses.

They can be equipped with furniture, some of which give the owner of the property various enhancements in the Territory.

The house can also be used as a teleport point.

In addition to the teleport feature, the player receives various bonuses, which depend on the furniture placed in it.


The player can decorate their home with various items that they can create.

Decoration items include furniture, dishes, lamps, garden decorations, pets, etc.

The owner of the house can invite up to four characters of the same group.

How to buy a house in New World

To become the owner of the property in the game, a player needs to:

  • have a sufficient reputation (10/15/20);
  • get the 15th character level to buy the 1st house;
  • get the 35th character level to buy the 2nd one;
  • get the 55th character level to buy the 3rd one;
  • buy new world coins to get all the requirements for purchasing a house.

A player can buy their first house with a 50% discount.

Houses can be bought in different settlements regardless of their faction affiliation.


There are two important things to pay attention to when choosing a future home: the location of the property and the perks you want to have from it.

You can increase the storage space in the settlement by storing chests in your home.

It is required once in 5 days to pay a tax.

If you do not pay the tax, the player does not lose their property, but the functions of the teleport, bonuses from trophies, and other benefits cease to work.

New World Housing


All houses in settlements are of different tiers and, accordingly, provide a different set of benefits.


The most expensive ones give the most bonuses.

Tier 1 – 5000 gold

Home teleport on cooldown: 4 hours

Maximum number of chests: 1

Maximum number of pets: 5

Maximum number of lights: 4

Required Reputation: 10

Tier 2 – 10000 gold

Home teleport on cooldown: 3 hours

Allowed  number of chests: 2

Allowed  number of pets: 6

Maximum number of lights: 6

Required Reputation: 15

Tier 3 – 15000 gold

Home teleport on cooldown: 2.5 hours

Maximum number of chests: 3

Allowed number of pets: 7

Allowed number of lights: 8

Required Reputation: 20

Tier 4 – 20000 gold

Home teleport on cooldown: 2 hours

Allowed number of chests: 4

Allowed number of pets: 8

Required Reputation:  20.