How to find HP printer WiFi password

How to find HP printer WiFi password

Do you know how to find your HP printer WiFi password?

You do not know a way around checking your HP printer WiFi password, read on as this post is targeted at people who do not know how to check their HP printer WiFi password.

It is one thing to get an HP printer with WiFi support, it is another thing to find the printer WiFi password so you can connect.

Not to worry as this post promises to take you through a comprehensive guide that will help you find your HP printer WiFi password.

It is very common that devices like this come with their default passwords.

This default password is what you will use to change the default password to the desired password.

Without the old or default password, you might not be able to maximize the WiFi in the printer effectively.

So if you want to find your HP printer WiFi password, then you are seeking to know its default password.

Where to find my HP printer WiFi password

Your HP printer WiFi password is stated in the driver/software that is controlling your HP printer.

That is always recommended that you go through the user manual and navigate the software to be sure you are not missing out on anything.

But what if you flip through all the pages and you still can’t find your printer WiFi password?

What should you do in such a case?

You will need to flip the pages again should in case you’ve missed out on the page that actually carries the printer WiFi password.

You may not need to flip the pages of your user guide as we have put together what will help you fix your issue in no time.

These tips on how to find HP printer WiFi password applies to all HP printers.

It does not matter the model of the HP printer that you are using, this will also work perfectly for you.

If your HP printer is WiFi-enabled, here is how to find the WiFi password.

Here are the steps to find your HP printer WiFi password

  • From the menu bar click on “network”
  • Click “Show advanced info”
  • From show advanced info click on “Show wireless info”
  • There you have it!

That is where your HP printer WiFi password has been hiding all this while.

In the Wireless Settings section of your HP print and scan doctor interface, the wireless network the computer is connected to is listed under SSID.

Under the network key next to the network name is where the password/network is listed.

Once you have the wireless network key or password, you can connect an HP printer or other device to the network.

If you still have some more questions to this effect, leave a comment and we’ll be glad to assist further.

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