Minecraft launcher won’t open? Try this

Minecraft launcher won't open

I remember a while ago when I bought my Minecraft java but my launcher was giving me a headache after updating my computer to a new Windows.

After completing my new Windows update, I was no longer able to open my Minecraft java launcher.

Of course, not being able to open your Minecraft launcher means you will not be able to play.

I was confused at this point and need a quick solution to get my Minecraft launcher opening again.

Here is the good news!

If you are equally a user and your Minecraft launcher won’t open, you will get a permanent solution right here.

So after reading this post, you will be able to clear the error that is preventing your Minecraft launcher from opening and you will get back immediately.

If your Minecraft launcher won’t open, one of the major causes is a corrupt launcher profile.

So if your launcher profiles are corrupted, you might have issues trying to launch your Minecraft.

To get it working again, you might want to delete the corrupted launcher profiles.

Here are the steps to follow to delete the corrupted launcher profiles:

  • Search for %appdata% in Windows
  • Open the “.minecraft” folder

Now check for a file named “launcher_profiles.json” and make sure you delete it.

Once deleted, you will have to install all of your previous profiles again one after the other (manually).

This should let you launch your Minecraft again as usual.

Should in case this does not help you solve Minecraft launcher won’t open error, then you might want to try this other solution.

Another proven way of solving Minecraft launcher won’t open error is to uninstall Minecraft from programs.

After successful uninstallation, make sure you check your program files to delete the “.minecraft” folder.

Now, download Minecraft again from the official vendor and run the installation again.

This should give you a whole new Minecraft game and hopefully it fixes all the errors.

One last thing to do is to check the version of the java that you are running.

If it is a bit obsolete, be sure to update it so everything runs as intended.

These are steps proven to be very effective in fixing Minecraft launcher won’t open error.

Have some more tips that will help in fixing this problem?

Feel free to share and we will be glad you did.

Confused at any point? Leave a comment and we’ll be glad to assist you further.

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