Laugh now cry later meaning

Laugh now cry later sounds more like an idiomatic expression.

But this post promises to share with you the real-life meaning of laugh now cry later.

After reading through this post, you will not be confused the next tie you hear someone use that phrase.

Laugh now cry later is synonymous with the phrase “live fast, die young” when it comes to lifestyle.

To put it another way, do anything you want right now, regardless of the long-term implications.

The most common context in which I’ve seen it used is as follows:

You’re being encouraged to do whatever “pleasant” thing you desire, regardless of how wicked or bad it is, and while doing these “pleasant” things, you’re being encouraged to deliberately ignore the future consequences at any cost, whether it’s untimely death or even hell.

The most widely accepted concept is that you pay now and pay later.

Even though this phrase “Laugh now cry later” could mean different things to different people, here are a few that will help.

  • It could mean that you act as if everything is OK in front of everyone and then cry yourself to sleep because you know everything is wrong.
  • Today, YOLO, and tomorrow you’ll be young, dumb, and broke.
  • Enjoy your success while it lasts, knowing that someone will always be better than you.

These are real-life examples of what laugh now cry later means.

However, you may have your meaning as it may mean something different to you.

You can also share your meaning and we’ll update the post with it and you will be duly referenced.