Kissimmee pronunciation — How to pronounce Kissimmee

How to pronounce Kissimmee

Kissimmee one of the most commonly mispronounced cities/town in America.

You may not get this pronunciation right if you are not a local.

I mean you need to be an indigene to be able to pronounce Kissimmee as it is supposed to be pronounced.

If you are an immigrant, then you must have stayed in America for a while before you can pronounce Kissimmee without any doubt if you got it right.

With this piece, you don’t need to be an immigrant to Kissimmee before you know how to pronounce it.

So you can simply sit back at home and learn how to pronounce Kissimmee all by yourself.

Just so you know, Kissimmee is a city in central Florida.

If you are considering Florida for your next travel tour or specifically Kissimmee, you might want to learn how to pronounce it well so when you get there, you call it as though you’ve been there before.

You might also want to learn how to pronounce the name of this city for educational purposes.

Whatever is the reason why you want to learn this, here is the only place for you to do just that.

Apart from this post, another place to get the right pronunciation of this city is an online forum with a majority of the audience from that region.

If you ask there, you may get the indigene responding.

While some pronounce it as “KISS A MEE”, others mispronounce it in a more fun way.

The locals there will just roast you alive if they hear you call it the other way round 😆

So the big question now is:

How do you pronounce Kissimmee properly?

Enough of the stories, let me go ahead and teach you how not to mispronounce Kissimmee the next time you want to call it.

How to pronounce Kissimmee

The right pronunciation of Kissimmee is actually Kis-sim-me with much emphasis on the middle.

That is, kiss, sim, and me but in this case, you will be pronouncing one “S” from “kiss”.

Even from the Merriam-Webster, Kissimme is pronounced as Kis-sim-me.

That is a confirmation!

I bet you were worried about pronouncing it as “KISS A MEE” or other incorrect pronunciation but now you know the right thing to say.

Are you a local from Kissimme?

What’s the worst pronunciation that you have heard or how did you pronounce it yourself?

Leave your comments…