How much is a pound of weed

I don’t really know why I’ve been avoiding this topic about the cost of a pound of weed.

But I can’t withhold the information any longer.

This post is strictly for educational purposes.

When you hear anyone ask how much is a pound of weed?

It is most likely the individual is a new user who wants to get some information about it before he joins the league of other users.

As strange as that may sound to a lot of people, that’s usually the reality.


How much is a pound of weed?

Firstly, when you hear such a question, it may be difficult to quickly provide a straightforward answer.

This is because the question itself borders on two things.

It may be referring to either weight or price and sometimes both.

Except you understand the perspective of the inquirer, you may not be able to do the needful required by the inquirer.

Well, looking in both directions is cool to provide answers to such a question.

So, whichever the that is required will be picked.

It is not a bad idea if the person asking gets the two answers.

After all, it will only enrich the knowledge of the person asking on the subject matter.

So, let’s attempt to provide some answers.

To know how much weed cost depends on one important factor.

That factor is location.

The price of a pound of weed may be different at various locations.

On a subject like this location matters a lot.

This is because weed is not a legal substance in most locations around the world.

And whatever that is not legal will affect its demand and supply.

Whatever affects demand and supply will affect the price.

For areas where it is somewhat legal, you can be able to purchase a pound of weed between $1500 and $2500.

Surprised a lot of money is used in buying this?

Well, that’s how much that goes into this.

Lots of people who take it can spend anything just to get it delivered to them.

That may be because it is addictive if not controlled or used under supervision.

Apart from the availability determined by the demand and supply, another key factor that determines the price is the breed of the weed.

Anything that has different breeds will normally have different prices for the breeds.

Well, those who take weed of different breeds know which has quality in taste and use.

This will tell the price at which you will buy at any location.

Take note that when you are buying in the black market, it’s a different ball game.

Prices are different in the black market.

That is also dependent on where the black market is, whether or not is in the place where weed is legal.

Prices in the black market will never be the same as that of the normal market.

Therefore it means you can state a particular price for a pound of weed that will be uniform for all locations.

So, the price is unique to each location.

It is advisable to search your local environs for the price it is offered in your vicinity.

And if you will be visiting a location because of the breed there, research the price in that locality.