ISC New York NY(USPS) — Here is what it means


There are many messages associated with ISC New York NY(USPS) that can get you confused sometimes.

So if you don’t really know much about ISC New York NY(USPS) associated messages, this post will really help you out.

‘Processed through ISC New York’ is one of the associated terms and this post promises to share with you the meaning of this and other associated terms.

If this is what you wanted, stay glued while I share the full package with you.

What is the meaning of ISC New York?

That acronym can get you confused if you don’t know what it means exactly.

Maybe knowing its meaning will help you a long way in knowing what it means on USPS tracking.

ISC is an acronym for “International Service Center”

It is a building or place where mails leaving the United States are sorted and ready for dispatch.

Before they leave the USA via airports or other means, they first of all get to the ISC.

Mails arriving in the US also go through here and in collaboration with customs inspection before they are sent onforwarded to their respective final destinations.

So no need to panic as there is nothing mysterious going on here.

Mails there cannot be tracked since they are in containers that you cannot read the barcodes.

Until the mail reaches another city and is removed from the container for sorting, you will not get any tracking update.

This may take days but you will definitely get it.

Now you know what ISC means if you didn’t.

Possible messages associated with your New York NY(USPS)

A friend complained that he got a message that reads “processed through ISC New York” and he was confused about what it means.

That was one of the reasons why I wrote this post.

However, I will also talk about other associated messages.

If you got a message that reads “ISC New York NY(USPS), Processed Through Facility”

What this means is that the mail has been scanned by a robot having arrived in New York NY

Another common message you could possibly get because of the scan by a robot is below:

 "METRO NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at USPS Regional Facility."

Below are some other messages you may get:

“In Transit to Next Facility.”
and so on to its destination

No need to panic when you get these messages.

What you need to know is that all of these messages are automated and based on scanning the barcode on the shipping document remotely.

In cases where the bar code and document are lost by the automated sorting machine, you will not be able to keep track anymore.

Note that a shipment without a shipping document can be forfeited unless the address of the recipient is placed in the box where it can be easily sighted.

A friend once shared a story of how he had his shipments processed by ISC NEW YORK lost and they were not tracked by METRO NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER and the rest of the story is a story for another day.

Here is what I would advise.

When this happens, do not look to the USPS for help.

The majority of their customer care representatives either don’t care or they don’t just know.

They will always tell you that your package is with Customs meanwhile that is not the case.

To further help you with finding your package be sure to find out if it is with customs.