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Youtube to MP3 converter YT1

The Youtube to MP3 converter YT1 helps you convert any Youtube music of your choice to MP3. So if you have been searching for the best Youtube to MP3 converter, you might want to try YT1 and then decide for yourself whether or not it’s the best. You might also want to be careful searching […]

Best Video Editors for Windows 11

Are you a content creator looking for reliable editing software for Windows 11? This article is right for you! We prepared the top five editing tools and described their features and capabilities to help you find the right option. Video is a popular type of content that helps promote products and services, entertain and educate […]

An Alternative to Selenium for Testing ERP Systems

Selenium has been one of the most common choices of companies looking for ERP test automation software for quite a while. It can indeed bring great value to businesses. Recently, however, the testing industry has evolved significantly, resulting in entirely new types of testing products based on the no-code approach. Although such software often comes […]

5 ERP Automation Benefits

The modern market offers a wide range of ERP systems of various types. While some features provided by this software are pretty similar, there are also significant differences between such products. One of these features that vary from one system to another is the level of automation, which is only available in certain ERP solutions, […]