Walmart customer service hours

After reading through this post, you will know the Walmart customer service hours so you know when to reach out should you have any concerns you would like the customer service team to know about.

Walmart is one of the most popular retail stores in the world.

Walmart has over 11,000 locations across 28 countries and employs 2.3 million people worldwide.

It offers a wide variety of products ranging from groceries to clothing, shoes, electronics, and more!

Walmart focuses on providing customer service that they can be proud of; however, their hours are not always convenient for everyone’s schedule.

This article will provide you with Walmart’s contact information, as well as some tips on how to find out Walmart customer service hours near you!

How Does Walmart Operate?

Walmart has a long history and is one of the first department stores that was established.

Walmart started as Walton’s Five and Dime in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1962 by Sam Walton.

Walmart grew rapidly after it began trading on Wall Street, which helped Walmart expand its business into other countries such as Canada and Mexico City along with South America too.

Walmart is one of the top ten biggest companies in America, and Walmart has helped contribute to creating jobs.

Walmart hasn’t always been a successful store, Walmart had financial difficulties when Sam Walton was alive but after his death, Walmart grew into what it is today.

The customer service hours at Walmart depending on the state that you live in as well as which Walmart you go to.

Walmart is open 24 hours in some locations but not all Walmart is like this, for example, Walmart located inside of malls can be different from the Walmart that is stand alone and outside the mall.

Walmart has an amazing website where you can find Walmart customer service hours and Walmart holiday schedules.

Walmart has many different ways to contact them too if you want to call, email, or even chat with the Walmart team.

Walmart customer service hours

Walmart operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Walmart’s customer service number is  +1-800-925-6278 (+1-800-WALMART) and their corporate headquarters phone number is (479) 273-4000.

Walmart’s official website provides you with the option to input your zip code in order to receive store details, including Walmart customer service hours for each location near you.

Keep in mind, Walmart’s customer service hours vary by location and some Walmart locations may not open until later in the morning or close earlier than expected.

On average, Walmart is open from Monday-Friday:

Contact for online orders and services or help to use

Media and Journalists.

Are you a member of the media?

To contact Media Relations click here.

Financial Services

Walmart credit cards, MoneyCards, and gift cards have important customer support phone numbers.

Walmart Financial Help Center

Investor Relations

Email Investor Relations

Walmart’s transfer agent: Computer share (1-800-438-6278)

Make a Material Request (annual report, proxy statement, 10-Q or 10-K)


Find out how to become a Walmart supplier.

If you’re a Walmart supplier and want to send out a news release that mentions Walmart or refers to doing business with Walmart, try working with your buyer/business contact to be linked to the right person on the media team.

Health & Wellness

Find a clinic in a Walmart Store

Visit if you have any queries concerning benefits or health and wellness for Walmart employees.

Now you know the Walmart customer service hours so contacting the Walmart customer service team should no longer be a challenge.