0000000000 keeps calling you? Here is who is calling you


It’s wired when you keep getting phone calls from a 0000000000 number.

It might be scary sometimes.

If this is the case with you, read through as this post promises to share with you why you are getting phone calls from a 0000000000 number.

After reading through, you will know who exactly is calling you.

If you are conversant with phone companies, you should know that when they send caller ID, they send the phone number they have on record for that particular line.

You should also not that a caller from a phone company can override that phone company’s caller ID and send whatever strings of numbers they want to be displayed to the receiver.

A relative once managed a phone system that had this functionality.

It could send out any number to the receiver whether or not the phone number is real.

Even with this functionality enabled, he never for once abused this feature.

So if you find yourself in such a situation, rather use the feature constructively than abuse it.

This act is technically known as spoofing and some phone companies limits spoofing to only the numbers listed on the account.

Though this may vary depending on the phone company.

Some of the individuals who tends to abuse this system are debt collectors, telemarketers, and scammers.

Most of them are a bit savvy.

They may send a real phone number so you don’t have reason to doubt instead of sending a fake number like “0000000000” which is clearly shown as a fake phone call.

People are more likely to answer if the phone number looks real.

Lodging a complaint, in this case, is also tougher.

So if a scammer spoofed using this system, he is no closer to being fined or caught.

Pro Tip: Since these wired phone numbers are likely to be used by telemarketers, government, companies/departments calling about sensitive information then you might want to ignore these calls if you don’t owe anyone anything.