How to tell if a guy is circumcised

Can you actually tell if a guy is circumcised from a distance without seeing his package?

You will get to find that out here.

There are different discussions on circumcision for both males and females.

For males, most of the time people want to know what it feels and looks like to be uncircumcised.

This is because most men are circumcised either at birth or sometimes when they grew up.

Since there are still uncircumcised men, there should be ways to detect or tell if a guy is circumcised.

First, let’s understand what circumcision means.

Circumcision means cutting off excess foreskin on the pen!s via surgical procedures.

A circumcised pen!s is also called a cut pen!s because circumcision is sometimes referred to as a cut.

So, if you want to know how to tell if a guy is circumcised, please read on.

It may be a bit difficult to tell if a pen!s is circumcised just by merely looking at it especially when the pen!s is erect.

And if you are dating a guy with an uncircumcised pen!s, you may not know since you are likely to be seeing it when it is erect.

It is best to see the pen!s when it is not erect to detect it.

For an uncircumcised pen!s, you may be able to discover it when it is flaccid.

When it is relaxed, you will discover a foreskin covering the top of the pen!s.

It is this foreskin that could have been removed if it was circumcised.

So you will see it there.

With this, you can tell if the pen!s is circumcised or not without asking the guy.

If you are not able to detect whether the pen!s is circumcised or not by observing it, then you may need to ask your partner directly.

After all, he is your partner, that question should not be too much to ask.

Whether circumcised or nor you guys are in this together especially if you are married.

It has nothing to do with the amount of love you receive from him.

The worry on whether or not your guy is circumcised should not really be an issue.

Since it doesn’t have any adverse effect on the s*xual performance of your partner.

So, if this is your worry, then you don’t have issues.

You will still enjoy the s*x and your children will not be abnormal because your partner is uncircumcised.

So there is no cause for alarm.

If you discover the pen!s is uncircumcised or your partner informs you that he is uncircumcised, you need to help yourself by helping your spouse realize that he needs to take his hygiene seriously especially for his private part.

This is because the uncircumcised pen!s is more prone to infection and diseases.

Hence, the need to maintain optimum hygiene.

Uncircumcised pen!s draws the risk of unfavorable medical conditions such as urinary tract infections if not kept clean enough.

This is why utmost hygiene must be maintained.

The uncut flesh covering the top of the pen!s may harbor dirt and microorganisms underneath if not kept clean which can cause health issues.