Top 10 ways to know if a guy has a small package

This is your first meeting and you haven’t taken the plunge.

On the other hand, you are rather curious to know what the guy is hiding under his tight boxers.

Here are 10 tips to know the size of his Package and know in advance if the gentleman has a small one.

Of course, it is not the size that necessarily counts, there is a way to use it!

But, it’s still better to prepare for it to avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments.

— Length of the fingers

You can tell how big the package is by the length of the man’s fingers.

It’s scientifically proven.

You only have to look at the length of his index and ring fingers to understand the size of the package according to South Korean researchers.

The greater the difference between these two fingers, the greater the length of the erect dlck.

Conversely, if the index finger is equivalent to the ring finger, the package is small.

— Size of the feet

This also applies to the feet!

If your man is a small shoe size, he will likely have a small package.

— Look at the shape in the jeans

If the man is skinny and his jeans float and no shape shows through, you might be disappointed.

Indeed, the gentleman will not have much in his pants.

— Analyze the way he walks

The way of walking can tell you if the man is embarrassed by what is between his legs.

Indeed, if he has a small pen!s, he will walk with ease.

— Avoid the boastful

It’s not the ones who boast the most to impress who has the biggest.

Talking about his exploits should put you in the ear.

Run away!

— Look at his nationality

Admittedly this may sound like a cliché.

And yet, it has been shown that men from countries like Thailand, India, or Korea have small limbs.

Inheritance from their ancestors.

— Look at his car

If he drives in a porch, convertible, or any other show-off car, it is because he has something to prove or to compensate.

Big car, little quest.

— Analyze his behavior

Is he stressed, behaving strangely with you?

He won’t let you get near?

Distrust, maybe he feels self-conscious about the size of his package.

— Look for the box of rubbers

Did he invite you to his apartment?

It’s time to poke around to find the box of rubbers and see the size!

You will be immediately fixed on the beast!

— Find out if he plays sports

Is he not very muscular?

Doesn’t he look very resistant or enduring?

Your parts of legs in the air may lack spice!

Therefore, if men tend to look at the chest sizes of their future partners to weigh the goods, women also do not have their eyes in their pockets and wonder what the gentleman is going to draw when he takes off his clothes.