How to retrieve textnow message history

How to retrieve textnow message history

After reading through this post, you will know how to retrieve textnow message history.

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TextNow is an online free service that enables you to send and receive texts using a registered number that you use every day.

By saying every day, it means the number you are using on your TextNow account must be active.

TextNow also has a premium plan, where customers need to pay for calling and texting.

As you do any of these, including those that are using a free plan, TextNow saves your activities in your conversation history until you delete them.

As I have said earlier, you must have an active phone number for your TextNow account to run smoothly.

To know if you have an active phone number for your TextNow account, follow the steps listed below to verify it before you can proceed to check your textnow message history.

  1. Open a TextNow app
  2. Visit the Pinger Zen help desk website — Note that this is like a customer care service
  3. Tender your request; ask if you have an active phone number on your TextNow account

In some cases, you might have misplaced your phone, or perhaps, it got stolen.

You may think you would not be able to retrieve your conversation history afterward.

That is partially not true.

Right, we all know that your Simcard is connected to your phone.

However, you can still have access to your conversation history if you still have your phone number intact.

Without retrieving your phone number, you will not be able to retrieve your conversation history too.

How then do you retrieve TextNow message history?

In a situation whereby your smartphone got stolen or misplaced, simply get someone else to lend you their phone.

However, make sure it is connected to a WiFi signal or a strong internet connection.

Then, follow the steps listed below to retrieve your message history:

For an Android TextNow App;

– Visit the Textnow website or mobile app.

– Log in to your TextNow account

– On the homepage, you will find all your previous calls and messages that you have sent and received in the last few days on the left side of the screen.

For an iOS TextNow App;

– Go to the TextNow iOS app

– Log in with your details

– On getting to the home page, you will automatically be directed to where your conversation history is.

You may scroll through to find the one you are looking for so you can retrieve it.

– If it doesn’t direct you to where your conversation history is, click on the three lines found at the top right-hand corner of the iOS app

– Here, you will find “conversations” on the menu.

Click on it to see your conversation history

– You can also search by using the phone number of the person’s conversation history that you are looking for.

This will be faster than scrolling through the endless history, especially if you have been using the TextNow app for a long period.

In conclusion, in a situation whereby you deleted your account history or phone number, you won’t be able to access the message history of anybody on your TextNow account.

Hope this helps!