How to delete Remitly account

This post promises to share with you all the steps to delete Remitly account, I guess that was what you wanted?

Of course, that was why you were served this page.

This page is about deleting Remitly account.

I’m not sure why you want to delete your Remitly account, but I have to share the steps here with you.

There are a few reasons why you may want to delete your Remitly account.

Maybe your account was compromised, forget your password or multiple accounts, or you feel their services suck and you want to terminate your account.

For whatever reason, this post is here to help to achieve just that.

Remitly gives that flexibility of deleting and reactivating your account.

You have total control over the account and decide what to do with it.

After deleting your Remitly account for some time and feeling to reinstate it after a while, you can do it.

Enough of the stories.

Let me go ahead and share with you the steps to follow to delete your Remitly account.

How to delete a Remitly account

At the time of updating this post, the only proven way of deleting a Remitly account was to contact Remitly customer service.

Once there is an update in the user interface with an option to delete the account without having to contact customer service, I will not fail to update it here.

So if you are ready to delete your Remitly account, follow the Remitly customer service link and submit a request to delete your account.

This same method applies to accounts that have been locked or previously deactivated.

There are certain activities within Remitly that are not allowed.

So you might get locked out and your account permanently deleted if you are a part of any of these activities that are against the user agreement.

Remitly does not permit a single user to operate multiple accounts.

So if you have more than one account with Remitly, you might want to delete the second account that might cause you to have more than one active account.

You are advised to deactivate or delete other accounts if you have more than one with Remitly.

This is how to delete Remitly accounts.

If you have other proven methods, do not hesitate to reach out to us to share them.