How to delete Grammarly account permanently

How to delete Grammarly account permanently

For the free Grammarly users, the only option to get rid of their account when they wish is to delete their Grammarly account.

This post is targeted at Grammarly users who wish to delete their accounts.

So if that is what you wanted, read on as this post will reveal to you the steps to follow to delete Grammarly account completely.

If you are a premium user, you can simply cancel Grammarly subscription without deleting your account.

Either way, if you want to cancel the subscription and delete the account afterward, then you read how to cancel Grammarly subscription and then come back to this page and follow the guide to delete the account completely.

Deleting a Grammarly account is pretty simple.

With just simple steps, you can get rid of Grammarly in no time.

Things to know before deleting a Grammarly account

If you have an important document that is saved on Grammarly, then deleting your Grammarly account may not be ideal.

Once your account is deleted, all the saved documents will be discarded.

Of course, that is not the case with canceling Grammarly subscription.

So if you want to delete your Grammarly account, you must be sure that there is no important document that is saved there that you may need in the future.

Make sure that you download and save your document in a safe drive before proceeding with the account deletion.

Note: There is no way that you can delete the account remotely.

You must have access to the Grammarly account that you want to delete.

Make sure that you have the login details handy then proceed with the steps below to delete your account permanently.

How to delete Grammarly free account

  • Log in to the account
  • Check the left menu section and tap on Account
  • There you will see the name and other details of the account
  • Scroll down a bit and click on the “DELETE ACCOUNT” link in a red text
  • Now will be prompted to log in to your account again
  • This is a security measure to be sure that it is the owner of the account that is making the request.
  • Log in to your account as requested and complete your account deletion process.

Again, note that your account will not be available anymore and all your saved documents will be deleted permanently.

So be sure you mean it before you proceed.

I hope this brief piece helps you delete your Grammarly account successfully.

Don’t forget to leave a comment should in case you are in doubt.